Christine O’Donnell is a TV Journalist and Founder of Bright Sighted – a podcasting company. Her clients include coaches, authors, and business leaders. 

She produces podcasts as well as coaches podcasters on how to be journalistic in their storytelling and interview styles. This helps them build their credibility and authority as well as produce high-quality podcasts that connect and engage their audience. 

One of her first independent podcasts became one of the top 5% of podcasts worldwide in its first 5-months. 

Christine’s career started in the TV news world. She’s worked at top stations in Los Angeles, Ca., New York and Georgia. She regularly covered crime, politics and breaking news. Many of those stories that stay with her today. Some of them include the Sandy Hook School Shooting, The Boston Maraton Bombings, Human Trafficking coverage and the Presidential elections of both Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The podcasts she’s currently working on range from female empowerment, and business, to health and wellness. She’s also the host of Podcast Coaching with Christine where she shares how people can use broadcasting strategies and industry insights to uplevel their podcasts. 


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Camille Finan, Remodel Your Life Podcast  


“Christine’s news background really helped me hone my skills as a podcaster & tell more compelling stories.”

– Camille F, San Francisco

 “Christine helped us increase our profits by 267%” – Jamie K, New York

“We made $280,000 in ads our first year.” – David S, Long Beach


Dr. Steven Gundry, The Dr. Gundry Podcast 


“After a few months of working together, I had a podcast that was already top-ranking in the health charts!”

– Dr. Steven Gundry, Palm Springs

“I was really nervous about sharing my story and speaking into a microphone. Christine helped me be more confident and overcome some fears I had about public speaking”

– Sara, Ohio


Anna Keenan, Self Made Sister Podcast 


“My podcast would never have actually happened if it weren’t’ for Christine. She’s extremely organized, super responsible and knowledgeable.”

– Anna K, St. Louis, Missouri


“In our first year together we had 2+ Million impressions using Christine’s method.”   – Thomas, Calabasas 


Mike Olivas, Business and Life with Mike Olivas 



“Christine helped me refine my voice, my brand name and helped me book quality experts!”

-Mike O, Puerto Rico



Fun Facts About Christine 

  • I’m the one who puts back the empty milk carton in the fridge… I know, I know, I’m sorry. 
  • My crew and I won the NCAA National Rowing Championship in 2007. 
  • I have a 22-month-old son named Asher and 2 cats! 
  • My favorite interview: Snoop Dogg 
  • My favorite news story was an investigative piece about 4 sisters who were adopted to different families. My story helped reunite them after 40-years! 







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