Are you looking to launch a successful podcast that makes an impact? Have you been putting your time, effort, heart, and soul into it without anything in return? I’ve been there, done that and overcome it––now it’s your time to shine. 

Your story matters and it’s my mission to help you use your voice to tell it.

My name’s Christine O’Donnell and I’m a podcast coach, an award-winning journalist, a mom, wife and advocate for women.


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February 17, 2021

What Influences Your Podcasting Income?

Even if you’ve taken steps to monetize your podcast, you might still be unsure what to expect from it. After all, how much money can a podcast make? Here’s what you should know.
podcast guests
February 16, 2021

How to Find (and Invite!) Podcast Guests

Guests create valuable content for your listeners—but finding them can feel a little daunting! Here’s how to find (and reach out) to potential guests.
apple podcast
February 12, 2021

List of Apple Podcast Categories

When you are uploading your podcast to your Media Host of choice, you'll have the opportunity to pick 3 Categories via Apple Podcast. Make sure to pick the niche inside the niche. The more you niche the faster your podcast would grow.


Let your voice be heard! Learn the ins and outs of successful podcasting through a series of coaching & growth strategy sessions with me, Christine O’Donnell. Whether your podcast is personal or a professional means to establish and successfully grow your business or brand, let’s work together to get your story out there.


Streamline your production process.
If you’re looking to save time with editing, social media assets and are looking to incorporate video production of your show let the Bright Sighted Podcasting team help you out. We offer both audio and video strategy to successfully help you get your vision out into the world.

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Christine helped me refine my voice, my brand name and helped me book quality experts!
Mike O
Puerto Rico
My podcast would never have actually happened if it weren't for Christine. She’s extremely organized, super responsible and knowledgeable.
Anna Keenan
St. Louis, Missouri
Christine’s news background really helped me hone my skills as a podcaster & tell more compelling stories.
Camille Finan
San Francisco
After a few months of working together, I had a podcast that was already top-ranking in the health charts!
Dr. Steven Gundry
Palm Springs

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