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Will Moonbeam Help Independent Podcasters Grow?

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Standing out on your favorite social media apps is a challenge, especially when you’re competing with millions—sometimes billions—of other users.⁠ What if I told you there’s a NEW app made specifically for independent podcasters?!

Plus, you’re not competing with a ton of other content creators—yet.

Moonbeam is a new podcast discovery app co-founded by tech entrepreneurs Paul English and Mike Chambers. Chambers describes their app as, “Basically TikTok for podcasters,” on this week’s episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine.

Let’s go over a few highlights from our discussion:

Image Credits: Moonbeam

The inspiration behind Moonbeam

Off the bat, Mike shares with us two major pain points in the podcasting industry: the first from consumers and the second from podcasters. 

Consumers: Discovering new shows with content you enjoy.

Podcasters: Getting your podcast known.

This is where Moonbeam comes in. Chambers and English wanted to create a framework similar to that of social media giant TikTok—based on the idea of “democratized discovery.” The pair want to accomplish the same thing, except with Podcasts.

It doesn't matter if you are some kid in your basement in Iowa, your ability to get discovery is influenced by your ability to resonate with people.

Mike Chambers (Moonbeam Co-founder) Tweet

How Moonbeam works

Chamber’s describes a “recommender” system that operates based on user’s interactions within the app. He also states the app collects data points based on those interactions. Learn some of the data points by listening to this episode.

One of my most burning questions was, “how to pick the right podcast clip?”⁠ Part of showcasing your podcast online is picking the right snippet of content that will really resonate with people and GO VIRAL.

Image Credits: Moonbeam

How to create viral content on Moonbeam

1. It has to be somewhat provocative⁠

In order to grab people’s attention, there needs to be an attention-grabbing moment. Pro Tip: It’s our job as the host to create these moments.⁠

2. It has to provide some kind of value

Examples include an educational moment, insight, or a joke; not some random clip.⁠ Beware: Clips you choose cannot be random snippets people can’t understand without context.⁠

Will Moonbeam help independent podcasters grow?

It depends. Moonbeam has quite a list of competition with Podz, Clubhouse, and Fireside. But, who will win the race to fix the podcast discovery problem? You tell us!

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Celine Marie

Celine Marie

Celine is a content strategist, social media expert and coach. She is a regular writer for Bright Sighted Podcasting. Celine helps her clients transform their social media to a positive experience and a tool to scale their business.

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