Why I’m Not Looking at the Scale During My Pregnancy

I know I’m pregnant and all, and weight gain shouldn’t matter… but it does to me.

I want my pregnancy to be as happy as possible without me freaking out over every number on the scale.

I know I’m pregnant and all, and weight gain shouldn’t matter… but it does to me. And, if I’m stressing over every pound I gain, then I’m losing something in the long run when it comes to the experience… so I’ve chosen not to know.

This means I’ve told my doctors about it and they’re okay with it and are supportive.

They will share that I’ve gained one or two lbs., but not reveal the entire number. They also let me know if I’m on the right track when it comes to “healthy weight gain” or if there’s something I need to be careful of.

During my last appointment, my doctor told me that all is going well, but that I needed to “watch out for carbs” during the holiday season, as a friendly reminder.

This has become a running joke here at the New For You office and at home. I swear there are donuts, cookies and carbs EVERYWHERE right now and Baby Kuzj LOVES carbs. 😉

The point is I’m aware enough to make changes and healthy choices, but not aware enough to obsess.

Where I Got the Idea

My best friend is a nurse practitioner in women’s health in upstate New York. Yes, I won the best friend jackpot when it comes to being pregnant and beyond. Not only does she work with pregnant women who stress out about their weight gain on a daily basis, but also recently had a baby!

She told me she wishes she didn’t look at the scale and explained how so many pregnant women lose a little bit of their “sparkle” when they find out what the number says.

Her advice to me was not to look. And, I took it.

My Husband Doesn’t Understand

I love my husband. He is an amazingly sweet and supportive partner, but he doesn’t get the scale thing. Maybe it’s a man versus woman thing. Maybe “weight gain” and my fear of the scale is some deep-seeded issue developed in high school that he never dealt with. I’m not sure why seeing those numbers climb on the scale bugs me sooo much, but Steve does not understand and it does get frustrating.

He’s all, “It doesn’t matter how much you gain,”… “The number doesn’t matter, you’re still beautiful to me,”… “Hey, want to get a pizza?”

It does matter to me. Gestational Diabetes is a real issue here in America and for me as well. Diabetes runs in my family, so “weight gain” IS something I’m self-aware about. Also, I think the more I gain the harder it will be to lose.

I find not knowing helps me stress about it less and stay healthy.

Ultimately, It’s Your Choice

Let me repeat that — ultimately, it’s your choice!

I’m someone who normally LOVES knowing everything. I liked getting my report card in the mail as a child. I enjoyed succeeding at tests and when I’m working toward a physical fitness goal, I do want to know what my weight is.

There are so many wonderful reasons to know what the scale says. It’s incredibly useful, and knowing your weight gain during pregnancy may bring you peace of mind.

My goal with this pregnancy is to enjoy the process (as much as I can) and to bring a healthy baby into the world. For me, that means not looking at the scale!

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