Why I Started Podcasting

My goal with "Podcast Coaching with Christine" is to help more women use their voices, share their stories and grow their business!

Hi there, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that voices matter.

Speaking up for ourselves in our careers, relationships, and at home matters. My voice matters. So does yours.

But, it’s not always the easiest thing to do…

Looking back at the past decade-plus I’ve spent in the workforce as a journalist, media coach, and digital marketer, there are many times I’ve spoken up for someone else: a colleague, an interviewee, a client, but it hasn’t been as easy when it comes to advocating for myself.

I’m not sure if this is because I’ve been “socialized” to fight for others. Or, if it’s part of my personality. I’m still on a learning journey myself…

My point is there’s a number of times I stayed silent, instead of fighting for myself.

There are also a few times I fought for myself and lost. But, that’s life. Sometimes, we lose, sometimes we fail, but that shouldn’t stop us from forgetting who we are, what we believe and speaking up about it.

Enter podcasting.

My goal with “Podcast Coaching with Christine” is to help more women use their voices, share their stories and grow their business!

More than two-years-ago, I launched a health and wellness podcast with a marketing company I was working for. That podcast quickly grew from no-audience to one of the top 5% of podcasts worldwide, in less than 6 months. “What an amazing medium,” I thought!

Since then, I not only started my own podcast, I started producing podcasts for clients and consulting with podcasters on how to launch a podcast and/or how to take their podcast to the next level.

Some of my favorites are:

  • The BS We Feed Ourselves
    • Autoimmune Awareness podcast for Peak Performers. If you’re feeling burned out, struggling to concentrate or have gained weight and don’t understand why? There’s a real chance you could be suffering from an Autoimmune Disease and not know it. Join Business Coach Shawna Bigby Davis as she helps people find their wellness and grow their business.
  • Self Made Sister
    • Join Anna Keenan as she chats with incredible women about their journey to success. From entrepreneurs and CEOs to influencers and philanthropists, all of these ladies started with an idea, a goal, and a hope and turned it into their reality.  They truly make success feel realistic and attainable and will leave you wanting to become your own Self Made Sister.

  • Remodel Your Life 
    • Camille Finan interviews women working in the trades and breaking down barriers in non-traditional careers. Her 35 years as a carpenter gives her a unique insight into the world of construction & design. Her goal is to inform and educate you about the wonderful opportunities of working in the trades for women and girls. She shares inspiring stories and conversations around working and building a successful creative business & career!

These podcasts are not only incredible, empowering and filled with value – their hosts are fun, smart incredible women who lift each other up.  If you’re thinking about starting a podcast yourself and are curious about if there’s space for you. I’m here to tell you, there is! Also, check out some of these episodes that will help you monetize, learn secrets of SEO and the importance of creating a community.

Now, if you’re looking to launch your own podcast there’s a couple things you can do. For a limited time, I’m sharing my free 15-Steps to Launch guide. It’s a deep dive into everything you’ll need to know to have a successful, professional podcast. You’ll also get a number of free resources to help you reach your goals. This is the one thing I wish I had before I started.

You can also check out the following episodes of my podcast for more helpful tips and insider secrets!

I’m a Below Deck fan, Yes, the show on Bravo. I mean, we dressed up as members of the crew for Halloween this year… 

Anyway, on the recent reunion, one of the cast members Courtney Skippon said:  “I’m not gonna cosign your behavior by being silent about it” in regards to how she was treated by a guy she was dating on the show.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of “cosigning” bad behavior by not using my voice and speaking up.  Which means, I’ve got some exciting and scary projects in the pipeline.

I hope if there’s something you need to say in your personal life, at work or at home you say it. If you want to talk about it first, I’m here. 

And, if you want to go public with a podcast. Shoot me an email. 🙂

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