IMG_0456.JPGWelcome to the musings of a “Reporter gone Feminist Mommy Blogger.”

I’m Christine and I’m glad to be virtually talking to you…

You may be wondering if you’re making the right choices as a “mom-to-be,” you may be asking yourself “is this normal” as your body and moods change during pregnancy or you may be looking for inspiration from women who are working hard to make the world a better place for future generations.

Here you’ll find just that, plus some opinion pieces from yours truly.  I’ve got progressive stories about pregnancy, “mom life” and the modern woman. Also, I’m a optimist… so I tend to look for the silver-lining in most situations.

My background is in journalism. TV news to be specific. I’ve spent more than a decade covering stories for stations in Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, Georgia and New York. (Reporters move a lot… which isn’t always conducive to having a family…which is where I’m at now.)

I look forward to using my news chops to provide compelling, inspirational and informative stories to you moving forward.

I look forward to starting a dialogue with other moms-to-be, current moms and working women to find out what concerns you have and how we can work together.

And lastly, I look forward to advocating for change. To making the world a better place for my daughter and yours.

Thanks for coming along with me! Let’s do this!


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