Should I incorporate the Coronavirus into my podcast?

Is there a way to tie your podcast into what’s trending in the news or on social platforms?

cdc-w9KEokhajKw-unsplashThe short answer: It depends.

Something I talk about a lot with my clients is “tapping into the news cycle.” Is there a way to tie your podcast into what’s trending in the news or on social platforms?

Usually, you can find a way to even tie your pre-recorded episodes into what society is currently interested in with the right headline or hook to your content…

And, doing this will most-likely help more people find your podcast and listen to it!

But dot-dot-dot,  is it always the right thing to do?  Even… if it could help your podcast go viral…

Or in the words of one of my Jurassic Park favorite’s, Ian Malcom:


I was reading the PodNews newsletter this morning and saw the headline:

“COVID-19 Podcasts Going Viral”

  • Acast tells Podnews that there are now more than 650 podcast episodes hosted on its platform alone about Coronavirus. Those episodes have been downloaded more than 16 million times. We link to some new titles in our podcast news section below.
  • In America, ABC News plans a new daily podcast, “COVID-19, what you need to know,” which launches today. (We don’t yet see it in Apple Podcasts).
  • The radio and podcasting event Radiodays Europe has been postponed because of the virus. Over 1,500 people were due to visit it in Lisbon, Portugal.

Truly, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a topic that many people care about world-wide, many of these podcasts are in response to requests for more information.

So, as a former TV news reporter and current chart-topping podcast producer – here’s my 2 cents.

If you can offer TRUE VALUE to a listener regarding the Coronavirus than go for it! If you want to just use Coronavirus as a keyword for SEO purposes to boost your listenership, DON’T.

First off, you’ll be hurting the trust of your listener by not following through on the topic, and you’ll be feeding a media frenzy that could just ramp up hysteria – causing more harm than good.


Here are some valuable podcast topics for niches that would be VALUABLE for your listener:

Mommy / Parenting:

  • Keeping your children healthy! My son is in daycare: is there something I or his daycare can be doing for him that will keep him healthy?

Female Empowerment: 

  • Power of positive mindset: Can mental strength improve your immune system?
  • Women working together to keep the country healthy and reduce hysteria.
  • Many women are natural nurturers: What does the coronavirus mean for them?

Health & Wellness:

  • What will this mean for hospitals? Supplies?
  • What are my personal chances of getting this virus? Is it really so bad?
  • Would it be better for me and my family to get it and heal? Or, to try to avoid it?
  • Some disease specialists believe 40-70 percent of Americans will get Coronavirus in the next year? So, should we fear it, or embrace the inevitable and prepare for what that means?
  • Stressed out by the news: how to manage your feelings while the news seems filled with scary stuff!
  • Is there a diet that can help improve our immune system in light of this fast-spreading sickness


  • Is the stock market dip truly due to this health scare or will it rebound?


  • Should I cancel my flights?
  • What will this mean for businesses that depend on travel?
  • How to travel safer
  • Are facemasks REALLY helpful, or harmful, as they may cause you to touch your face more than normal?


  • Corona Hysteria – Are there reasons that our society is just blowing this out of proportion? Drops in Corona beer sales?
  • Disaster-Prepping: Do we like to dramatize about being scared?


Other new podcasts about the coronavirus:

Coronavirus Daily Briefing The Coronavirus Daily Briefing ▸ is a new podcast from Ride Home Media, focusing on the reason we’re all fist-bumping these days. “We feel that daily news podcasts are uniquely suited for breaking news events like this one, providing much-needed utility and curation of what can feel like a deluge of things to follow,” says CEO Brian McCullough. (Ride Home Media / ART19)

The Coronavirus PodcastThe Coronavirus Podcast ▸ is a new podcast from BBC News, focusing on the Covid-19 outbreak. Like other BBC podcasts, this public health message has been blocked from Google Podcasts. (BBC)

Coronacast Coronacast ▸ is available from the ABC in Australia. However, like other ABC podcasts, it is disappointingly unavailable via Spotify, and isn’t yet on Google Podcasts either. (ABC Australia)

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