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This is for you if…

You’ve launched your podcast, but are struggling to grow your audience. 

You’re worried your message isn’t sticking. 

You’re not sure how to monetize the right way. 

You’ve been spending your time creating a free downloads, trying to grow a newsletter, build your social media following and consistently produce a high-quality podcast. 

You’re asking yourself if you should have a product to sell? 

You feel like you’re turning on all cylinders, but aren’t getting anywhere? 

You want to gain focus, structure, a workflow that works for you and your lifestyle (not against you). 

I feel you!

I’ve been there, took all the marketing courses, booked sessions with all the coaches and felt so exhausted that I started losing sight of why I was even podcasting in the first place. Then I found my focus and saw my numbers grow. 

Finding your focus, getting clear on what works and what doesn’t works is a game changer. And, it usually depends on your audience…

This 1-1 podcast growth coaching package will help you stop spinning your wheels. 

You’ll get customized guidance based on your audience’s needs and your personal goals. I’ll work with you on where you should and shouldn’t be spending your time. We’ll talk about monetization, growth tactics, collaboration, hosting & interview techniques and more. 

You’ll also gain access to our monthly podcasting growth events where you’ll hear from industry experts! 

Your personal growth and development will be very much a part of this of this program. 

Here’s what you get: 

  • 2, 90 min 1-1 video calls with Podcast Coach Christine O’Donnell to find your focus and grow your podcast. 
  • Email support / Slack support in between calls. 
  • Access to outreach email guides, templates and online video trainings. 
  • Access to online podcasting webinars with industry leaders to teach you more about the industry. 



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