Podcasting Conference

33. What You Missed: World’s Largest Podcasting Conference

For two weeks the biggest names in podcasting were involved in expert panels, networking events, and seminars.


Learn how to maximize your data to increase listener engagement, how to network effectively during online conferences, and how to “level up” your sound design, in this week’s episode. Host Christine O’Donnell and guest co-host Heather Chiles, recap the world’s largest podcasting conference:  Podcast Movement Virtual. For two weeks the biggest names in podcasting were involved in expert panels, networking events, and seminars.

What we learn: 

Helpful Links: 

Free Radio: www.freeradio.org

Composer – Kevin: www.incomptech.com

Stitcher: www.partners.stitcher.com

Podcast Movement: https://virtual.podcastmovement.com/

Swapcard: https://www.swapcard.com/

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Production:  Bright Sighted

Host and Editor: Christine O’Donnell

Guest and Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles

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