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Christine O'Donnell

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Join Christine O’Donnell with Krista Walsh as they chat about making a few minor tweaks on titles and descriptions to double the number of downloads using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Krista is a copywriter and SEO expert, and she sheds some light on how to effectively use SEO for podcasts to rank up in search results and get more audience reach. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Keyword research to rank up in Google
  • Getting to the top search results using SEO
  • SEO strategies for various platforms
  • Where to start in keyword research
  • Rule of thumb in using a specific keyword
  • Proven and tested SEO tricks for effective rank up
  • And so much more!


About Krista Walsh:

When Krista Walsh taught English in Madrid, she discovered (probably over a glass of fantastic and remarkably inexpensive wine) how she could put her writing to work for people she believed in. As a copywriter, Krista gets to transform others’ brilliant ideas into a narrative that connects in a real way with their audience.

Krista has written for businesses ranging from e-commerce fashion companies to freelance graphic designers to life coaches—any project born from a deep-seated passion or creative impulse.

When she is not writing, she volunteers to walk the big ole’ dogs at the Dog Cafe LA,  run a book club & creative writing group, and read cozy mysteries.

Though Krista is currently based in Los Angeles, California, her clients are from all over the world.


You can find Krista Walsh on . . .

Website: https://kristawalshcopywriter.com/


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Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/

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so essentially google is looking for to do two things because they care about keeping their users their customers me and you searchers happy they want to deliver the most high quality and the most relevant search results to searchers so when someone types something in they ideally want those top websites to be the highest quality and the most relevant so that those people are going to be happy with the results of their search

podcasting is hard so why not get a little coaching welcome to podcast coaching with christine i’m your host christine o’donnell i’m an emmy nominated tv journalist and podcast coach each week i interview someone who has an exceptional story and talent to help independent podcasters grow their shows

hi and welcome back to another episode of podcast coaching with christine on this week’s podcast i am having a little bit of fun with seo seo what is it it’s search engine optimization i actually did an amazing episode on this in the past with uh stefan spencer if you haven’t checked that episode out and you’re still curious about seo after you listen to this one i highly recommend going back and checking it i’ll also link to it in the show notes on my website christine o’donnell.com and so um so what are you talking about the past few weeks months or so i have been experimenting with seo newsworthiness and incorporating the tools that i know as a journalist as well as the tools that i have learned like with my i don’t know my time spent as a podcaster and in marketing to figure out if there’s an algorithm to this or a special way to do it and guys i have uncovered so many amazing things and worked with my uh members of my community to do this for them one of them who i just cannot shout out enough uh she doubled her downloads by just making a few small tweaks to her titles and to her description and these are seo tweaks um based on some of the things that i have shared with her so if you are interested in doubling your downloads no big deal this episode we like share so much good stuff about that we also are creating a test with this episode about seo for podcasters to see how we can rank this podcast for seo for podcasters so it’s like a meta subject matter and we’re testing it in this podcast about podcasting this is too much for you guys okay um all right so before i share some more with you uh including this amazing interview with krista walsh uh an expert at both website copywriting and seo i wanted to take a minute to shout out a listener who has left an amazing review um this is from pop fit studio they also say that they are a new podcaster and they’re writing as a new podcaster christine’s show has really helped me in areas i didn’t even know about perfect show with anyone with a podcast thank you thank you i so appreciate that popfit studio and congratulations on your new podcast i hope that it is continuing to rock and roll and if you want to write back to me or shoot me a dm on instagram at the christino d i am happy to check out your show and just kind of do everything i can to to help you grow that is the point of this podcast is to help independent podcasters grow their shows all right speaking of without further ado here’s this week’s episode hello and welcome hello and welcome to podcast coaching with christine i’m your host christine o’donnell i am an emmy nominated tv journalist and podcast coach and each week i put out shows to help you grow your podcast brand and business this is a resource for growth community and inspiration and on this week’s episode we are talking podcast seo tips and we have an seo expert and copywriter krista walsh joining us krista thank you so much for being here thank you christine i am so happy to be here ami i’m glad you’re here we actually just did a workshop together last night and i got great feedback from everyone who attended so um i never quite know if people are gonna send feedback right away or not and it’s just crazy i did get a lot of people saying thank you so much krista was so great um what’s her information again so yeah it was awesome thank you you’re welcome that was that was very fun and people had really good questions it was a good group yes got a new one coming out on transcription coming up soon i think that will be important um but something to orient everyone who’s joining something that is important that krista talked about actually in her workshop with bright sided last night was how to do a keyword search for what your podcast episode is going to be about so that it actually truly does rank for seo so right before we started this episode today we we did that do you want to kind of talk us through what that even means or how we did that sure yeah so keyword research right is just the process of identifying which keyword that you’re trying to get your piece of content to rank in google for so keyword is something that people are typing into google every month like enough people are doing that every month that it’s become recognized as like this keyword phrase it’s not an ordinary phrase anymore it’s a keyword phrase um so keyword research is just the process of identifying which phrase you’re going to try to rank at google for and once you discover it then you have to say it while you’re you’re doing your show and you also have to include it in the description and in your show notes at least a few times yeah absolutely when it’s something like a podcast or a blog or something like some piece of content that is like you’re creating it anew i recommend creating it with seo in mind so actually use this keyword research process to dream up the podcast episode topic itself and then create the whole episode around that keyword because google is smart and it’s going to know if you just sort of shove in a keyword that it’s not super relevant but you’re kind of just like oh my gosh now i gotta rank this podcast episode in google so it really you’re gonna do a lot better with ranking on google and also it’s gonna make a little more sense for your readers if you create your episode with your keyword in mind from the get-go yes um this is kind of funny to me so merging seo with my background is news so yeah and so i like constantly am like putting the two of them together in my mind because to me also to rank and to show up you’ve got to be newsworthy so it’s like but seo is kind of like newsworthy for your niche instead of like newsworthy for the world and i also found sometimes just as a reporter when it came to writing my stories or or like maybe the same as when it comes to like writing your descriptions or figuring out what your show is going to be about sometimes you may even uncover it while you’re recording like you might not know that the juicy thing that your show should be about what it like that it actually is going to happen until your interview ends because this juicy piece of knowledge was news like it came out during your discussion so so i bring this up because i personally love the idea of coming in like hey this is our word we want to rank podcast seo tips um but perhaps you share like some insane podcast specific piece of knowledge that you weren’t like we didn’t even know was gonna come out and now all of a sudden it’s like make money with this one thing um when you’re when you’re recording your show and then yeah and then what does now should i redo everything or should it still be that one thing or or do you know are you following am i making sense yeah yeah i’m totally following yes sometimes with something like a podcast especially like an interview style that’s not totally planned and definitely not scripted it can go off the rails a little bit um i mean my advice that would be like follow your instinct especially you as a journalist like you have that instinct of what is the the meaty part of the episode and if it turns out that it’s not what you thought and so we’re you’re not going to try to ring for that keyword anymore it’s okay you know it’s all right um possibly you can find another keyword at that point that you could try to put in your descriptions and etc but even if not i think above all my advice for anyone creating a podcast or any type of content really is to always create for your listener first and think about the algorithms and etc second because

well because basically google is considering the quality of your content above all because they want to deliver quality search results to their customers which are all of us all of us who google so when in doubt serve your listener first serve your audience first and don’t think about it in terms of like i gotta do like all these like fancy algorithm tricks or something you know i think that is something we kind of always question so i appreciate you saying that because i agree listener is first and i always think what is this what is going to help my listener the most um and i also did this as a reporter not at first because i didn’t understand it at first it’s so easy to think that if something matters to you that it’ll matter to your listeners but it doesn’t it’s not always that um which is just so interesting so to share a little bit more guys about who you’re listening to krista is an seo website copywriter for creative entrepreneurs she writes the messaging for her clients websites so that their online home shows up in google articulates their vision and value and inspires visitors to take action her expertise guys is seo and copywriting so one of the things that we talked about is how to make google your 24 7 podcast discovery machine um and then we went over this last night so if we were to back up and just be like hey if you’re brand new to podcasting and you’re confusing about confused about seo how would you explain that to people

yeah like how would i explain seo yeah what does seo mean yeah so i love to use this sort of old school analogy when i’m describing what seo is to people who are very in the dark or scared about what it is if you remember back in the day we had this thing called the yellow pages like a phone book and if you were looking for someone like a plumber you would flip to the peas of that giant yellow pages and then you’d get this long list of plumbers and inevitably there would be at least one company that would have named their company abc plumbing and they did that strategically and their whole reason for doing that was pretty much so that they would show up first in that list of plumbers in the yellow pages in their area because they knew that human behavior says people are not going to randomly call number 10 on the list they’re gonna call the first one first so they get a lot more business just because they’re more visible and they’re first in that list so seo is essentially that idea but for the internet so when somebody goes looking for what you have to offer for example if they’re looking for information about traveling to vietnam that was somebody that went to our workshop yesterday had a podcast all about vietnam and traveling there getting your podcast up first in that list is going to or you know up in the top at least in that list is going to do a lot as far as it comes to getting clicks and visibility to your work and how do you do it yeah

yeah so that’s a great question um i think important couple important things to know so podcasts in 2019 google announced that okay we’re going to start ranking audio files of podcasts directly in search results so you know if you like search for something you’ll often get like a bunch of like actual website links but you’ll also sometimes get like youtube videos that start showing up directly and you’ll get like images podcast audio files are now have the potential to show up in regular search results um so that’s really important because now we can start thinking about our podcast creation from the perspective of seo

yeah so and i’ve seen this i’m sure you’ve seen this if you guys have googled something and especially if podcast is somehow in the win in the phrase these like little audio files pop up right at the top and almost to be like an instructional content or instructional video in the same way that um youtube videos pop up at the top so it’s still kind of how do you make make it so that google puts your episode so it’s one of those first three that shows up yeah yes um so my first advice to people who are new to new to seo is to explain a little bit about how google decides which websites to which websites are which like pieces of content to rank in their search results because unlike the yellow pages it’s not just as like cut and drive we’re going to do like things alphabetically like it’s not like it’s a little bit more nuanced and smart not a little bit it’s a lot a bit more nuances than that it’s not alphabetical for anyone who’s listening um so essentially google is looking for to do two things because they care about keeping their users their customers me and you searchers happy they want to deliver the most high quality and the most relevant search results to searchers so when someone types something in they ideally want those top websites to be the highest quality and the most relevant so that those people are going to be happy with the results of their search so with that in mind um there’s a couple things you can do actually let me back up a little bit so whenever we’re talking about high quality search results google decides which pieces of content are high quality basically based around how important and trustworthy they think that your website or piece of content is so they’re looking at things like how much traffic is that piece of content getting because if a lot of people are visiting it every month they know that they’re like inferring that okay a lot of people are heading to this piece of content every month it must be pretty good right um they’re also looking for things like how many other people are linking to that piece of content because they’re they’re looking around and they’re saying all these other websites or links are pointing to this they’re referring to this one piece of content it must be pretty important um they might also depending on if you actually are posting your podcast on like a website domain they’re going to be looking at how long your domain has been around because if it’s been around for a while it’s like okay this is pretty established it’s not brand new we can trust it we know something about it so those are kind of the factors that go into how high quality um google thinks your piece of content is also things like is it actually high quality like is it fairly long it’s not like two minutes long is it um does it make sense like do people like it is it well organized that sort of stuff consistent consistent yeah consistent a format so that it’s actually a show that comes out regularly um something like a lot of podcasters do but not all podcasters do and so i want to make that clear for people who are listening and they’re like wait a second i have a podcast but i don’t have a website do i need to have a website to make my podcast episodes show up in

google so not technically like i said in 2019 google starts saying okay we’re going to start ranking audio files just like we do video files like so somebody who posts a video on youtube doesn’t also have to post the video on their website in order to rank right same thing with podcasts theoretically however i very rarely see this happening in the wild like normally with most like keyword searches and i do a lot of this sort of i pay attention to search results because i’m in this industry um and i very rarely see podcast files being ranked for ordinary search terms when i do see them being ranked it’s because somebody has added the word podcast into their search so you know let’s say like the ordinary search term i’m talking about is like um like traveling in vietnam right most most of the results i’m guessing are going to be websites some videos maybe some images probably not audio files but if somebody types in traveling in vietnam podcast suddenly we start getting all these audio files so yeah it’s definitely possible to not have a website or a video or anything and be have your podcast rank on google it’s just going to be only shown likely in my opinion to people who are looking specifically for that podcast format which is not a loss like that’s possibly a lot of people are looking specifically for podcast format it is a bit of a missed opportunity though um because you’re not getting in front of people who are just looking for information related to your topic in general you’re only getting in front of those people who are looking for podcast format specifically yeah and actually there’s something i i i wanted to share um so ranking in google podcast or excuse me in google just in google in general is different than ranking an apple podcast so like there’s a different like and seo matters for apple podcast in the same way that it matters for google it’s just a different place that it’s housed if that makes sense so there’s a number of different ways to make your show pop to the surface depending on where people are looking for it so while it might like certain things might be important for one platform like google it might be a little bit different for apple podcasts and maybe a little bit different for spotify and maybe a little bit different for stitcher so there’s so many different places and different ways you can kind of weave your episodes so that they show up first so that they’re more discoverable some places than other so while i recommend um kind of learning how this works and applying tools that you feel or strategies that you feel like comfortable doing it cannot because also i mean gosh doing everything at once can be super overwhelming so i don’t want if you’re listening and you’re like oh i am just finally understanding what it means to do a keyword search a research and and now i’m understanding that my audience is in google and they’re searching these things and so i should incorporate those same terms or phrases into my show and doing this like one show is this one show is that one show is the other um it’s gonna do something different for you than it may do in apple podcast but it is still beneficial for you to do it for apple podcast yeah absolutely i feel like i always have to double check just because i have so super mom brain that i’m like really don’t know i have a nursing daughter pretty much my brain is just like coming out of me every single like few hours i just like lose brain cells true that’s slippery i think that was clear i think that was clear and it’s important to say um usually when people talk about seo search engine optimization they’re talking about the mother of all search engines which is google but we have to remember that there are like dozens of different search engines like apple podcast is its own little baby search engine you know spotify is one even like pinterest is one youtube is one right so um it does sort of depend yes instagram like all the social media platforms are most of them are like little search engines so your strategy maybe needs to zoom out even farther than just like what’s my seo strategy it may need to be where are my target audience where are they hanging out like are they finding podcasts on google are they finding them on apple podcast are they finding them on pinterest or instagram and that’s going to change everything about where you focus your seo efforts because maybe maybe you find that like i know like there’s a um a large survey out there that says 73 of people do discover new podcasts just via the internet like via google however that’s just an average across everybody you know so if you have a niche podcast you may find that they are all about spotify or they are like all about youtube you know like so you really maybe have to survey your audience or or do some deeper yeah market research exactly um so if someone were to do some and we talked about i just kind of gave an example of this but if someone were to think to themselves all right where do i start to do research like keyword research is it just going into google pretending i’m my ideal audience and typing into google as that person like what kind of questions that might per that person might search or like where would you say people should people start and there are there tools that can help people do this yeah that actually is where i would start yes that’s where i would start i want to um back up a tiny bit because i remember earlier i said google was looking at how it’s looking for like delivering high quality search results and i covered what they’re looking for with that but they’re also looking for relevant search results and that is where this keyword piece comes in because it’s essentially you telling the search engine hello my content is relevant for this search term so that’s what we’re talking about here and this is where you have more of the control is this relevancy piece so when we’re talking about keyword research yes i actually do recommend starting with like your brain like starting with your brainstorming process so if you know your target audience and you know what your podcast is about what types of content do you think they are like interested in hearing about like or what questions might they have about your broad topic you know um it’s probably similar to the process that you go through when you’re dreaming up podcast episodes just without even seo in mind at all it’s probably really similar to that and then write down all of those things um and just i don’t think i said this before so i’m going to say it now a keyword is really like a keyword phrase so we’re not looking for like a single word we’re looking for something someone’s typing into google which is rarely ever a single word like if you think about your own uh behavior as a googler you’re probably not typing in like hmm i’m gonna learn about like cheerios today i don’t know like you’re probably like typing something like arterio’s really good for my heart question mark like so like something like that you know like it’s a way more specific and sometimes it’s a full sentence sometimes it’s just like two to four words but all of that is really what we’re talking about we’re talking about keywords so yeah start with your brain brainstorm a list and then i recommend using some free tools to sort of amp up your brainstorming process so you can get these keywords that you maybe wouldn’t just think about on your own um and the ones i recommend i really like this one called keyword [ __ ] hopefully i can say them on this podcast um that is the real name of the website and i like um keywords everywhere there’s a tool called answer the public and then there’s ubersuggest these are these are the ones that i would go to first they all basically work the same way you put in one of your keywords that you brainstormed and then it shoots out a bunch of others that are related so you can take it out for something close to show yeah right so then you can take all of those and add them to your list so now you have those long lists um and then i would start editing that list pretty ruthlessly so i would cross off anything that isn’t super relevant to what your podcast is or cross off anything that you’re just like i don’t want to talk about this at all um cross off anything that has a searcher intent that is a bit wrong so people are often googling things either to buy something to hire someone to learn about something or to like compare things so for most podcasts we’re probably looking in that learn about category maybe the compare category depending but um so cross off anything where somebody’s just looking to buy a product or hire a service or something so once you have your tight list of keyword phrases that you’re like these are all things that i could legit make a podcast about and feel pretty good about doing then you can narrow down even further by using like finding some actual data behind how many people are searching for that per month and how challenging is it going to be to rank for that keyword i think so okay so this is interesting because now that we’re here and how challenging will it be for to rank for that keyword this might mean that just because a keyword is really common

we shouldn’t use it because everybody is using it and we’re not going to rank as easily as we would if we were to choose a keyword that was a little bit more specific is that what you mean yeah yeah exactly so it’s kind of a balance between those two right so it’s like we definitely want people to be looking for this every month because otherwise like if nobody’s looking for it like it’s very uncommon then what’s even the point we’ll rank on page one for some like obscure thing but nobody’s actually seeing us anyway but we also don’t want it to be so common that like we’re competing against like tim ferriss’s podcast for example or like some like ginormous podcast machine or just any website that is very big and very like established because it’s going to be more challenging to outrank that piece of content simply because of that high quality piece that google is looking for so established websites established podcasts they already have that piece squared away because google is like all right you’ve got so much traffic per month you’ve been around for 10 years like you’re good right yeah so we did this again at the beginning right before we started recording and the search term that we are using in this podcast is podcast seo tips and the goal is for this podcast that we’re doing together to rank for the search phrase podcast seo tips when people type that into google when people type that into apple podcast when they type it into say instagram this is the search phrase that i’m going to continue to use not only in the show in the actual audio recording but also as part of my headline and perhaps in my description as well is there like a rule to how many times we should mention the phrase that we are hoping to rank for no there is no rule yay so you can my rule of thumb my rule of thumb is to like mention it as often as it feels natural so if your podcast topic is the keyword that you’re trying to rank for like you’re very naturally probably without trying or thinking about it you’re going to say it um i advise against saying it just like shoving it into your sentences awkwardly because you’re trying to get it in there because again we always want to prioritize our listeners or the people consuming our content over the algorithms yeah so are there any tricks to seo that podcasters could use to make their show rank more than others that you’re aware of yeah so i should say in google ranking google yeah as i was just going to say i was saying if we’re talking about google i it’s not i wouldn’t call it a trick but i would recommend um that you post your podcast on a web page so because i just want to increase the chances that you’re going to be discovered on google and not necessarily only be discovered by people who are literally looking for an audio file so it’s it should be it’s pretty easy for most people if you record your podcast get them transcribed and just post the transcription on like a blog page that you have on your website so that way your website page can be discoverable as well not just the audio file um and most people are probably not going to sit there and read a transcript so they’re probably going to find that and then click the link that you have included there that takes them to actually listen to the audio so they’re still going to be listeners they’re likely it’s very unlikely that they’re just going to read unless they are um like they have a auditory impairment or something um another thing you can do is if you’re recording video like we’re doing for this podcast you can post that video on youtube and that’s just another way of getting your podcast content discovered in search engines not just google because google seems to be ranking videos a lot more than audio files but also youtube right so it’s just all of these easy things that you can do to boost your visibility in google

um yeah so excuse me i just i was thinking about something and then my um my brain broke mommy brain thank you um so so just to recap you’re saying um

get a web page so invest in creating a website for our podcast on top of um just the podcast and also if we can put it on youtube as well yeah that’s what i would recommend um like what does it take to i mean what are your thoughts on i mean i know this is your special special space uh with when it comes to website development and how much is needed for a podcast to build a website and what does that look like is it really hard is it really costly that’s a good question i don’t think if you’re just you’re like purely a podcaster and your website you’re creating a website purely to host your podcast episodes i don’t think you need to spend a lot of money like just create like a diy website like through squarespace probably the easiest one but there’s wordpress there’s wix there’s these other like show it that are all diy um just have like a home page that’s like hey here’s our podcast and then you can have another tab that’s like here all our episodes and then each one you essentially set it up like a blog right so each one has its own url so that url can rank in google search results um so like each podcast episode has a page like a blog would you recommend putting the transcript as well into the podcast page or should that be at the blog or how does that how would you what do you mean do you mean the podcast page what do you mean by that so when i say podcast page i’m thinking episode page so with every episode say every episode page is this equivalent to a blog post do we include the transcription in the blog post or the episode page yeah yes that is what i would do i think that’s the easiest thing to do i know some companies who will like write a blog post kind of like a summary of what they talked about you know instead of the transcript um but i don’t think you have to do that and it’s going to be a lot easier just to post the transcript there like as the blog it’s just the transcript because like i said i don’t think many people are going to read the full thing they might read some of it but the point is kind of to like be like here is this episode if it’s intriguing to you you know include the link where they can actually listen to it too they can listen to it or maybe like break it up so that it’s like question answer question answer and not just one like big block of text yeah yeah that’s a good idea too to format a little bit more so if you have your transcript um and it’s just like the little like numbers and then a paragraph and you’re not sure who’s talking if you want to especially if it’s an interview style yeah breaking it up like that yeah and there’s a couple different tools that are that work for transcription i believe otter is a free tool um is there any else that you can think of off the top of your head um i know there’s a rev there is scribby rev is not free no those are not none of those two aren’t full yeah um another hack if you are going to post your podcast on youtube youtube will transcribe a whole episode for you okay and do closed captioning it takes a while so it’s like you would post that video maybe unlist it and then ask them to that you want it closed captioned the whole thing and if you want the whole thing closed captioned they’ll transcribe the episode and then you can copy and paste it from your youtube into a word doc or a google doc and and edit it oh neat that’s a neat hack i like that just every once in a while i pull out a good one

a good podcast seo tip

um thank you so when it comes to this is this is something you mentioned and i was also thinking about it’s getting backlinks to your website is one of the best things you can do to boost your seo so say you invest a very short a small amount of money for like a website domain and squarespace or wordpress or whatever that could be i mean i don’t know maybe 15 depending on how like what what what you get up sold in the process of buying but um and the protections it’s gonna you know get all these protections um but that would be maybe 50 bucks a year is that right for like the bear minimum yeah i think so i think squarespace is the most expensive and it’s like 20 a month so oh okay so yeah yeah i think wordpress has other options or and some also website media or podcast media hosting companies will provide a website for you you just need to purchase the domain name so and i believe name cheap is the cheapest place to purchase a domain name um but so yeah you can maybe get this for around 50 bucks a year on top of however much you’re spending on your episodes so i always try to like budget these things in my head because i know podcasters are conscious about how much money they’re spending um so if you create this whole episode and it is you’ve got your description your time codes and then your whole transcript of your show that you’ve broken up so it looks pretty your ish for your listeners how would you suggest people get back links to that episode just but just send it out to other people and ask them to please post it in their website that’s one strategy yeah i know i don’t know how that affected that so um so backlinks are when another website links to your website like they they’re like you know here is christine’s podcast and it’s like hyperlinked and it links to her website right um so sometimes people do do this thing called like cold outreach where they will email websites that they found and they think are related to their content and they’re like hey can you please post this on your website like i get a lot of those emails from random people um that’s a very time consuming strategy with a low return because you’re it’s just like people you don’t know and you know like you’re basically asking for a favor from somebody that you don’t know on the internet and so that’s a strategy if you have like a lot of time and you’re willing just to like do that and do that do that um i would do something i would try to get things like guest blog spots be featured on someone else’s podcast um those are probably better strategies because you’re offering something other than just like hey give me a backlink you’re like let me share my expertise on your podcast or talk you know or let me write a blog post for your audience on your website because if they have a website for their podcast they’ll likely hyperlink you when they’re like okay we’re having you know like krista walsh on my podcast like hyperlink to my website where people can find out more about me so things like that media features is actually another way to do it so if you get featured in the media they will often hyperlink you you know and you can you can request that it be your podcast website i’m trying to break this down into an example you’re on my show thank you so much

when i post this episode on my website and i back link your name and your business to you if i my website i don’t think it has a super high domain authority right now compared to yours because you’re an expert at this could that hurt you if i were to do that no no no so of course it’s it’s like you get more juice from the people who are who have been around for a long time and they have a very large domain authority right like if i were to like get linked in like the washington post or something you know like that would be huge for me right not only because their readership is huge but just for the seo potential too um but it does help you even people who are on your level or who are below your level brand new websites that does help you too the only time you’re going to get penalized by google is if you’re doing like a black hat technique where you um like buy a bunch of spammy backlinks from websites that exist only to give back links and that’s like their business model they’re like pay us you know 20 and we’ll backlink your website on all of our 500 fake websites so if you suddenly have 500 backlinks from websites with zero domain authority and zero traffic then what will happen is like google will get flagged and then they’ll do an investigation to see if you’re like trying to trick the algorithm and then it can eventually penalize you if they find out you are but just like a friend of yours who’s just started a website is going to link you for a legitimate reason that’s going to help you not hurt you okay so and doing a guest blog post is literally like writing an article and then posting that on a friend’s blog yeah yeah okay and then you’d have a byline right that would be linked to your website to your website and maybe you can also do an embed would you want to do an embed of your podcast episode in that article if it was relevant or would you want to just have people come back to your website like if you have more embed codes out there will that also be good for your podcast rss feed i think it would help because it’s just more directly inviting people to do it you tend to like lose some people every time you ask them to take another action so if somebody’s reading that article and they’re really interested in listening to that particular episode they probably will like crack open apple podcast and like find it like search for it but if you just have the link directly in there or the embed even you know that’s what you’re talking about um you might get other people who maybe wouldn’t take that extra step to go search for themselves but they’re just going to listen to it because they’re there on your page

got it this is good i feel like this has been a lot of juice for podcasters listening

i hope it’s been good juice thank you krista is there anything else you’d like to share

no i don’t think so this has been really fun so i hope i hope it’s beneficial for people listening i think so i think these have been some great podcast seo tips just keep saying it i have it written down right here so i just keep saying it over and over again back from christine write your keyword down in front of you as you record just keep on saying it over and over again um thank you krista so much for being on the show you guys if you want to find out more about krista you should check out her website it is krista walsh copywriter.com i will of course link to it in my show notes and also on the episode page on my website christine o’donnell.com thank you so much again and krista until next time have a lovely day have a lovely day too all right and that’s a wrap thank you for listening to another episode of podcast coaching with christine for more information on this week’s episode be sure to check the show notes you can also find more information on my website christine o’donnell.com there’s a bunch of resources over there as well and more information about my community if you would like to join it again that’s christine o’donnell.com if this podcast helped you in any way please let me know you can always screenshot that you’ve listened to this episode and then share it in your stories and tag me on instagram i am happy to re-share your story and let more people know about what you’re doing your podcast thank you again for listening and i will see you next time

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