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News Anchor's book, podcast becomes film?


Courtney Friel


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Bright Sighted Podcasting


Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Courtney Friel is a journalist, podcaster, author and now she has a movie in the works. This KTLA News Anchor and author of Tonight at 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News “keeps it friel” in this episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine. In this episode, she shares the raw truth about what it takes to create a book proposal, how to balance a professional career with a very personal part of yourself and strategies to handle the fear of putting yourself out there. Check out her podcast: Keepin’ It Friel: Conversations on Recovery. And, find her book on Amazon

What We Learn:

7:15 Courtney Friel talks about how she came out about her sobriety on social media 

8:22 Courtney Friel talks about how Netflix’s Ozark, Zero Gravity Management wants to make her movie.

9:24 Getting a call on her 40th birthday that a movie is in the works based upon her book.

9:41 Now is the time, during quarantine, to work on yourself and passion projects. 

12:57 Talks about the changes she’s faced with her podcast, Keepin’ it Friel: Conversations on Recovery, due to studio shutdowns amidst the pandemic.

20:09 Courtney keeps it Friel on the challenges of publishing a book and the possibility of getting scammed.  

25:29 Courtney Friel talks about the painstaking process of trying to work with a publisher.

36:19 On addressing addiction recovery and her support from KTLA

39:33 Courtney Friel talks about her unwanted invitation to Donald Trump’s office.

42:56 Courtney Friel gives advice to people that feel afraid to speak up about their story.


Production: Bright Sighted

Host: Christine O’Donnell

Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles

Editor: Laura Veloso 

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