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How to manage your podcast workflow


Brandon Hull


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Bright Sighted Podcasting


Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Brandon Hull, Founder of a workflow tool for podcasters share’s his thoughts on how to plan ahead for the holidays. He shared what systems worked for him in the past and why he created HelloCast to take his podcast content calendar to the next level! Keep reading for a 20% discount on 1 year plan.


00:01:35:08 – Freelance to Founder Podcast by Brandon Hull

00:06:39:19 – Different tools for organization and workflow Brando used before creating HelloCast: Gmail, Google Sheets, Trello Board, Airtable

00:17:41:18 – These big gaps can be cut. 

00:21:27:10 – How Podcasts can help you be more and do more!

00:23:12:13 – How Brandon Hull Manages… 5 Kids, A Full-Time Job, His Content Calendar and A Side Hustle… 

00:24:19:20 – My podcast is helping me put 2 kids through college!

00:28:54:21 – If you want to make actual money you need to either have massive downloads or you need to have something else that you’re offering the audience that allows you to monetize the audience instead of just using them as numbers to get money from someone else.  Premium Content, bonus content…collabs with other people who have premium content you can promote. 

00:31:49:06 – How to put on the “broadcasters” mentality like you would your outfit for the day. 

00:32:54:06 – Know Yourself!

00:33:34:20 – Allow yourself to have a break. 

00:35:58:00 – Podglomerat Network – beneficial to us because the network is trying to market the group of shows and that might mean guests, guest appearances, sponsors, I’ve gotten guests on my shows due to their outreach efforts…and people who write in. I think the future of podcasts… is being part of some network, group or collective… 

00:43:17:18 – Why you should infuse your personality into your podcast

00:46:47:03 – Spend 5 times as much time on your show content/personality as you do, what gear you need to be successful. 

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