Becoming a Confident, Compelling Speaker


Erik Swanson


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Bright Sighted Podcasting


Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Is public speaking one of your biggest fears? Don’t sweat it. In this episode, you’ll learn public speaking techniques from award winning Keynote Speaker and National Best-Selling Author Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson. Swanson shares how to gain confidence on the stage, script writing secrets, and public speaking tips to prevent the jitters, so you too can be AWESOME at public speaking.

What We Learn:
4:33 How Swanson got the name “Mr. Awesome”
6:50 Perform for yourself instead of others: embrace your authentic self
14:47 Business during the pandemic
17:34 Public speaking is constant self improvement
19:00 Christine’s most embarrassing on camera speaking moment
24:46 Powerful speaking tips that will save your speech
37:17 Bullet points vs. sentences: which script is the one for you?
38:30 The SECRET to bullet points
42:26 Discussing Amanda Gorman’s eloquent delivery of her poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ at President Joe Biden’s inauguration
45:09 Choosing confidence over fear: how to shift your mindset to be the speaker you want to be
54:30 Swanson talks about his speaking fee and setting your own rate
59:40 A story on the power of coaching, experts, and community—sometimes we just need people in our corner

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Connect with Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson on Instagram – https://instagram.com/habitudewarrior?utm_medium=copy_link
Global Speakers Mastermind – decidetobeawesome.com
Check your speech with Ummo – https://ummoapp.herokuapp.com/

Connect with Christine:
Podcasting is hard enough—get support. Whether you’re looking for a community of podcasters to vent to or need a helping hand to guide you along your podcast journey, Podcasting Coaching with Christine is here for you. As an Emmy nominated Journalist and Podcast Coach, her mission is to help people make an impact with their voice. Go to https://christine-odonnell.com/ for more podcasting resources.
Website: https://christine-odonnell.com/
Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thechristineod/
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