Seasons vs. an ongoing show—which one should you choose?


Kristina Kury


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Christine O'Donnell

Assistant Producer


Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out your marketing strategy? In this episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine, marketing expert and CEO of Sprout creative Kristina Kury shares how to get started creating your own marketing strategy. She breaks down four key marketing funnels, provides helpful tips for repurposing content, and shares the importance of identifying your USP. Kury is also a co-host of the Laughing with Gingers Podcast, a show with two feisty redhead sharing crazy stories, playing games, and have a lot of LOUD laughs.

What We Learn:
5:00 What it’s like giving birth during a pandemic
6:50 Where and how to begin your marketing strategy
10:03 Podcasting & social media
12:24 Seasons vs. an on-going show—which one should you choose?
15:40 Repurposing content is KEY in marketing
18:46 What to can do during your shows downtime
20:05 Kristina breaks down 4 major marketing funnels
24:00 Worried your show is too small for a marketing strategy?
24:40 Find the USP people will pay for
40:10 An inside look into the systems the Laughing with Gingers podcast use
46:30 Make audiograms and keep it simple
49:43 How many places should your podcast be online?Resources and Links Mentioned:
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The Laughing with Gingers podcast – @laughingwithgingers


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Christine: “This is a debate among the podcasting community Kristina, and and it’s kind of like hey should I have seasons or should I have an ongoing podcast? I would love to know what you think from like a marketing standpoint:  is it worthwhile to break your show up into seasons for marketing purposes because i think a lot of people are worried they’re going to lose steam if they stop for a season? 

Show Open:  Welcome to Podcast Coaching with Christine. I’m your host Christine O’Donnell.  I’m an Emmy-nominated TV journalist and podcast coach. Each week I interview someone who has an exceptional story and talent to help independent podcasters grow their shows. 

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine if you are a podcaster and you are listening to the show you might have thought about what are the best ways for me to market my show should i have a pre-marketing strategy should i have a post-marketing strategy are the audiograms that i’m using the best use of my time should i be posting in all of the places should i have some sort of marketing funnel and where do i start where do i stop how overwhelming is this process is there a structure a plan something that can help me like figure this out so that i’m making the most of my time my podcast and if it’s possible for me to turn some of my audience into customers paying customers what does that even look like you guys you are in luck because on my show today i have Kristina Kury and she is the founder and CEO of Sprout Creative she and her company work with passionate small business owners who are busy running their business and or podcasters who are busy podcasting um these these people i’m one of them i totally feel like i fit your demographic christina they are overwhelmed with the marketing and um they feel at times that their growth may have plateaued and they turn their marketing and they want to turn their marketing into a manageable automated stress-free marketing machine christina is also a co-host of an amazingly hilarious show called laughing with gingers where two feisty redheads with loud laughs share crazy stories play games and spread silliness and joy everywhere is the podcast we all needed this pandemic christina welcome to the show thank you for having me i’m so excited thank you for being here and and thank you for your podcast thank you for your time how are you feeling how’s it going you know it’s going good i started the podcast in the last summer actually with my co-host sarah elephant and we just we wanted to bring some lightness to the world last summer was very bleak and dark yeah a year ago today bleak dark i was super duper pregnant wow yeah two months away from delivery covet baby that’s hard to have a baby during coven i would say it was something i will always remember as i think all of us will remember our time during covet but there was nothing like walking to the emergency room uh with my mask on like stopping every few minutes because i was about to deliver christina i don’t know if i ever told you the story and i don’t believe i’ve even shared it on this podcast but i delivered within an hour of being checked into the hospital like it happened very quickly yeah and i think like like i think that i would have thought like oh if it happens that quickly it’ll be easy peasy it just means your body’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing i think the stress of my body doing what it was doing so quickly was like a really scary thing for me i was like i think childbirth in general is scary for your body and your mentality and everything and then yeah adding all the circumstances around you can feel a lot like a lot yeah yeah but off of childbirth and on to marketing strategies for our podcasts and here we are a year later here we are one year later talking about marketing so for for the independent podcaster who’s listening and they’re kind of wondering hey am i doing it right am i doing it wrong like where should they start start thinking about their marketing strategy well you it’s got to start with your ideal client that is the or ideal listener this is the framework that you’re going to build your marketing strategy around and how to talk to your people quote unquote and um this is something you know i approached my podcast as a a fun thing that didn’t have anything to do with my business and after our first season i was like oh maybe we should kind of treat this like a business and maybe we could make some money from this and it’s not just a fun thing that we’re doing so after season one we actually developed a marketing plan so we interviewed our um top listeners so the people that were kind of interacting with us and talking with us we and engaging with us oh did you have a question did you interview them on your show or interview them off your show so it was off our show we we dm’d all most of them were on our instagram and we asked hey can we pick your brain about our podcast it seems like you listen a lot you’re a fan and we i think interviewed about four people i have a five-page questionnaire kind of freebie that i’m happy to give to you guys your listeners and this freebie can it’ll have a guideline of questions but again you want to kind of just enter into that space a very uh curious being just ask all the questions pick their brain because you’re gonna find some gems in there that you had no idea that your ideal listener was thinking and this can really set your podcast on a different path it did ours we when we asked our ideal clients about our podcast they actually didn’t like that we had so many guests on they like they wanted to hear me and sarah more and so now we’re a little more picky about our guests and how often we bring them on and we we start to warm them up like prepare them hey we might be having a guest on and we kind of lead them into that and it’s been a substantial change for us and in our listenership so um that is where you want to start and through that questionnaire you’re going to find out are they hanging out on instagram or are they on youtube are they redditers are they you know what other podcasts are they listening to if you find other podcasts that they listen to in other genres start bringing those in as guests start partnering up with those other podcasts because there’s probably similarities between your two audiences then and uh really find that common thread that’s sort of weaving throughout your uh your interview ease so so a great takeaway i’m kind of i mean i i think this is great like the idea of not having to guess who your ideal audience is and actually you’re doing the market research you’re figuring it out you’re asking the questions and um i think that uh what like an action item that i’m hearing is that you had an instagram that you were sending people to through the podcast at the beginning of the podcast so um i think that there are a number of podcasts out there who start a show and don’t necessarily plan to have a have a um instagram thank you instagram or a facebook page or maybe a twitter but a way to interact with people so that when you’re talking on your show you can be like hey if you want to talk to me on like a more one-on-one basis find me on twitter at thecristinod or find me on instagram at thecristinod and you know send me a dm or maybe it’s taking it that one step further and starting your own instagram page for your podcast yeah we we launched with our own instagram and facebook page for our podcast initially just you know emma marketing and my co-host does a lot of social media too so that was easy for us if you don’t have anything and you’re wondering how do i even find the listener that loves me just reach out to them right there on your podcast say hey we want to hear from you and your opinion how can we make this experience better for you you know come find me here or email me here and i want to interview you you can always say hey there’s a little goodie in it for you and give them you know starbucks gift card or something like that yeah yeah actually a lot of people are doing that they’re sharing the starbucks barcode and like in their insta stories and like hey there’s a hundred dollars on here the first like hundred to like thank you for being a listener please don’t buy some too many coffees so other people can enjoy it


yeah yeah it’s great and also so there’s people out there that love to give you their opinion so definitely when you’re asking questions take it with a grain of salt but also do you know do take it in and and sort of process it and break it down and um and you you really truly might find something that you’re like wow i didn’t even think that my ideal clients or my ideal listeners were thinking that or wanting that from me and it can really help and i would say make it a practice after every season is over to check back in either with the same ones or sprinkle in a few new ones that you’ve got and it can it can really help drive that ship in the right direction christina and it’s kind of like hey should i have seasons should i have an ongoing podcast and i would love to know what you think from like a marketing standpoint is it worthwhile to break your show up into seasons for marketing purposes because i think a lot of people are worried they’re going to lose steam if they stop for a season so we do 16 episodes in the season that there’s no rhyme or reason we just had that in our brain and did it um like you said there it’s it truly is kind of you build it how you want to build it and i think if if it depends on your podcast let’s say you’re kind of an educational podcast i think it makes sense to break it in seasons if you’re like this season we’re focused on this subject so then they your your listeners kind of oh okay well i know i can go back whenever i want to learn about that subject into season one you can break it up in that way ours it doesn’t quite make sense why we broke it up because we’re just kind of a fun comedy podcast um but if if it does make sense i think that you can really leverage that and make it work to your advantage in my brain it works because we kind of know okay we’re breaking after 16 episodes it feels like i can have a breather for a minute and we actually in between our seasons run our top three podcasts from that um our top three episodes from that one season that we just finished running so we give ourselves about a three week break and then we launch back into it doesn’t seem like it breaks because we’re relaunching you know our top uh top podcast but got it so you air replays you schedule replays for your off season of your top shows and so it’s literally like is there a new intro outro or is it just like a copy paste replay uh i believe we write it in the um no we just repost it we don’t even acknowledge that except for in the copy just as a copy exactly yeah and the copy we do yeah replay from season one or whatever it was and uh it actually kicks up our listenership um surprisingly so or maybe not surprisingly well i think that it makes sense because sometimes i feel like podcast listeners depending on the kind of show that you have they don’t necessarily go back to the beginning to listen to where you started they kind of just pick it up pick it up pick it up and if you do them the service of being like hey here’s our best episodes during your off season i think that’s a great idea or like uh what’s something else people could do like you could maybe just do some evergreen episodes maybe one where you just take q and a’s maybe recordings from the audience like hey leave me a message call me and leave me a message or something i i feel like there’s a number of different things people can do um okay his content that is a very very key thing to do in marketing repurposing content so when you say repurposing content do you mean like uh podcast content or like yes what does that mean to someone who doesn’t know yeah good question um well one one pockets i listened to they actually took their live comedy recordings and bundled them up into an episode and had four different um comedians where they just recorded the live audience you know and intro them each little section they took a piece of what the the live comedy show was which is fantastic and then i would say on top of that they can take components of that and break them apart and create social media posts you know little clips here and there so sarah silverman does it for her podcast she’ll post uh an instagram tv ig tv a snippet of that podcast that week and it pulls you in and it makes you want to go and listen to that episode that week if it’s a topic that pulls you in you know and um you can uh you know there’s tons of different ways you can do clips onto youtube so someone tense you know stumbles upon you on youtube you can pull them in that way as well uh we we post ours on youtube not any visual but just the audio uh only our visual is for patreons only and um you know if you have a list that you’re building an email list you can pull clips from that and tease it out as well you know all different kinds of reworking and like we do we post our top our top content during our off season and therefore it gives us a break and we get a couple weeks off we can breathe and that viewership increases substantially because it was already a top one um yes that i mean that makes so much sense also i think that it is really important for independent podcasters who are doing all of this themselves to build in a break for themselves yes yeah or you’ll never get through at all you need a break you need to like the idea of taking a break and airing a replay during that time or maybe it’s like okay we’re taking a break and maybe it’s instead of three weeks maybe it’s six weeks and you just let people know like these are going to be bi-weekly replays or something or just just something so some break and give yourself a break because there’s other things that you’re going to want to do like as part of your marketing strategy like um i’m laughing because guys if you don’t know podcast coaching with christine is not only available all the places you listen to your podcast it’s also available on youtube so i’ve got a fancy-schmancy camera that’s not focusing so that’s why i’m i think we’re laughing like she’s bobbing around camera focus on me um yay autofocus um but what we were talking about is that down time in between seasons if you are going to start like doing some sort of downtime and also this is a great idea for christmas or um like like any holidays summer time like any time that you might need to schedule some time for yourself let your listeners know like hey these this is what’s going to happen these next three weeks um but what would you say other people like i mean i have some ideas of things people should do during the downtime if it’s not technically going to be downtime it’s like okay during this season where we’re replaying our top episodes we are also going to make a huge push to be interviewed on someone else’s podcast with a like-minded audience every single day oh yeah that is a very lofty goal but i love your thinking i would also say start to work on uh your idea of your marketing funnel you know how you want to pull these listeners in all the way through into paying for something you know giving you money in your pocket so think through what that uh listener journey might be for you and what’s appropriate for your podcast okay i love this let’s talk about this funnel thing yeah this customer journey thing let’s break it down so where does the funnel start how does it stop and what does this mean for podcast independent podcasters how much work is it gonna take so i think you just kind of whittle away at it like everything else you know you can’t just sit down and two hours later you’ve got your funnel figured out that’s not what is gonna happen but i like to separate the funnel into four main groups you’ll if you re if you google marketing funnel there’s gonna be a ton but four feels like it’s an amount that i can handle you know and the first part is the awareness so this is where trying to capture the widest audience possible and that’s you know through social media or if you’ve you’re running digital ads for your podcast or um if you’re on another podcast that’s that’s the top of your funnel that’s making people aware of you this can be a freebie that you offer up or an infograph that you have um you know anything like that so this is where people are finding out about you and then further into the funnel it gets a little smaller that’s why it’s a funnel because then people start to fall off that maybe are like well that’s not for me so now you’re increasing the interest and engagement this is the interest and engagement second part of the funnel and now this is where you’re starting to educate them really about what it is you offer so it can be something a little deeper maybe you um


start to interact with them now on social media and you’re starting to direct message them they’re direct messaging you asking questions maybe you are hosting a webinar that talks about your podcast and teaches them something that you can teach them and say hey for more come to uh you know listen to my podcast and that’d be great for you christine you could do a bunch of different kinds of webinars or summits or be a speaker at different webinars and summits and pull people into your podcast that way because you have such a wealth of knowledge um and then this is where if you if you have an email list you want to pull them into an email list because now you’re going to start to want to talk to them well why are you laughing you’re snickering wealth of i was knowledge i was made a joke i wasn’t gonna i wasn’t gonna bring attention to it but i broke it on my shoulder like oh no big deal um but you do and you you know a webinar can help pull people in that don’t know about you and what you have to offer it’s a really a really good way to build that interest and engagement and then the third part again it gets smaller but more people are interested in it and these are your this is the consideration they’re considering maybe being more involved in what you’re doing they’ve bought that merchandise mug from you they are attending those live events that you’ve you know offered up or they’re buying a course from you because they like everything you’re teaching on the podcast and now you’ve launched this really cool course and now they’re purchasing that course from you and then of course the final stage is the action they’ve bought your product they love it they’ve bought your digital download they’ve bought into you and they’re the ones showing up at those live events and showing up for those course works or those webinars and things like that does that make sense did i overwhelm you


i was following um i do have some uh questions for you what if this podcaster who’s listening right now out there and they’re they’re wondering hey like my audience is only like 50 people maybe if that like that i see my downloads does that even make sense for me to try and convert like 50 people or is this like what a build it and they will come like how important is marketing to a podcast that has a small audience like or maybe what if people don’t have a ton of followers on social media like is this something that should stop people before they start no absolutely not you go for it just jump in and the you know you want to start doing a lot of the top funnel things that i talked about so you want to let’s say build a real juicy freebie that you have that you’re throwing up there um and it you know can spread pinterest is a great space for infographs that can help um you know you can share that a bunch instagram is really wonderful and if you can pull in other people you know those partnerships with other podcasters that’s going to really help leverage their audience and help bring you up and if you start doing let’s say you’ve got a guest on or you’re going to be a guest on someone else’s podcast go do an instagram live with them and so now that audience for them and for you is seeing both of that you know instagram live now i say instagram live you’ve already done your research and you know that maybe your your ideal listener is on instagram so make sure instagram is a platform that they are interacting and they are on uh and then leverage those spaces that they’re living maybe you’re um i can say this so one of my clients she wasn’t into podcasting she she um didn’t really listen to podcasts and it wasn’t on her radar and we found out after all these interviews that every single one of her clients were on podcasts and listening to podcast hardcore and so i’m like maybe you don’t want to start a podcast but you should a hundred percent be engaging with podcasts and be on other people’s podcasts and that opened up a whole other door for her that she didn’t even realize was there so that’s why those interviews are so important because you’re gonna find out where those people are hanging out how they’re finding out about those podcasts that they like to listen to and what it is they want so you can pick their brains to see well what sort of freebie would pull you in what sort of infograph would interest you or maybe it’s an e-e-book that they would download to learn more or um you know things like that maybe you’re a blogger and that’s an outlet that you can use and leverage so a thing like a thought that just came up for me is what if um you know someone who’s just starting out in the podcasting space or maybe they’ve been podcasting for a while but they never actually thought about creating um maybe a product or something to sell to people like maybe that was never part of their plan for like maybe they were they just thought like hey i’m gonna like produce a podcast it’s gonna be awesome and and i’m gonna get all these advertisers because people are gonna love it so much um that is not really the case for most independent podcasters not to like blow the wind out of anybody’s sales totally totally possible just a very like specific strategy and there should be a budget for advertising um for podcasts who are looking to do that but um i’m trying i’m kind of like trying to like ask this question because i think that there are people who are podcasting because they love it because they feel like they have this mission or thing to share with the world but they don’t really know what their value proposition is what their thing is that people might pay for so they don’t have a really specific strategy to create any sort of funnel so um do you have any thoughts on how maybe if someone could figure that out that’s a really good question it it it’s very podcast specific so for us we were just a comedy podcast i i’m just like that person we went in not thinking we’re gonna make money not really expecting that and then we ended up creating a line of merchandise that pulled some of our more frequent sayings that we actually joke about and say on the show onto t-shirts and mugs and stickers and that just happened organically but because these were phrases that we kept saying over and over and that were funny to us and and some of our audience says uh we just slapped it on some merch and now we’re selling merch and live events are a really great thing for podcasters to consider uh sell tickets to live events you could even do take a tour so during that downtime that you’re replaying you know old old episodes you can say i’m on tour that’s why we’re replaying you know our top podcast from season two come find me live and sell those tickets and and book those live events you can even do live webinars you know it’s such obviously because of the pandemic everyone can hop on a webinar and it’s totally fine and acceptable and uh you can dive deeper into episodes and say hey if you liked that episode about that thing we’re doing a live webinar that we dive even deeper into that thing that happened or that we talked about um yes so i had an idea as well and i’d love to know what you think about this but i think pushing yourself to be interviewed on other shows will help you figure out what your usp is um before you realize it you’re gonna start like people will interview you and if you’d like push yourself to be on maybe 10 shows like i mean that’s a lot like if you get yourself on 10 shows um if you push yourself to try and be on 10 shows and you start to realize oh this person is really interested in this one thing about me oh this person is interested in that same one thing okay like i didn’t think that that was that big of a deal or like that’s just something that comes like i just didn’t think that was a thing for me but it it might surprise you so if you’re feeling really lost on what your unique value proposition might be if you’re going to start selling something like i imagine it might be really helpful for you to be on someone like other people’s shows just to see like why are people interviewing you why do people care beyond the fact that you have a podcast what is something that keeps coming up in interviews and that might help you figure out your thing i love that because it’s sort of the reverse of you interviewing your ideal listener you’re being interviewed and out of those interviews series of interviews you’re gonna understand your north your true north yeah yeah i i feel like um just like personally like side note like it it has taken me a little bit of time to figure out like oh what’s my unique thing and and i don’t know if this is like a broadcaster flaw like i wasn’t trained in marketing i my background for anyone who who’s just here knew my background’s in tv news i was a tv news reporter for over a decade and i worked in top markets across the country and objected objectivity is like the thing the name of the game like i i like it’s like beaten out of you not beaten physically but like mentally you really learn how to not have an opinion about things and how to interview people so you’re transparent um my like goal for myself as a reporter was to be a glass window where you don’t see christine you don’t see christine’s personality you don’t see anything about me you just see through me to the story like it’s so like so that there’s no absolutely like no um slant and i know people don’t really believe in that that there is no slant but i’m telling you like local journalists across the country before they like really make it into those big markets a lot of them at least in my gender like my age generation and and before me it was all like don’t have a personality that’s why people come across a robotic on the news and they get made fun of but it’s because like it’s like hey don’t have a personality just be as transparent as possible


so i think for me it took me a while to figure out like oh what’s my thing what’s my how am i going to grab people’s attention how am i going to sell to people what am i going to sell to people i’m a journalist i don’t know yeah i think it’s common i mean i’ve listened to podcasts from the start till to now and there’s an evolution i think it’s natural and i think it’s really great to have that evolution and be figuring your thing out and i’m i live in a world of entrepreneurs you know i’m an entrepreneur myself and no one has it figured out on day one and i don’t think that’s even accurate in the podcasting world even if you have even if you’re super famous then you’ve got this all this money and all this like you know whole agency that helps you plan out everything to the t you’re still going to have an evolution and i think it’s wonderful and beautiful i i love that you bring that up because like not only did that happen to me but i think like i coach this and that’s also how i found like oh podcast coaching might be my thing a great mix of like journalism writing podcasting marketing broadcast skills if you’re also doing a video and in front of the mic some you know um so uh where am i going um this like happens to me all the time i like evolution okay evolution thank you kids kid problems my brain yeah mom brain okay so where i was going was with this evolution um i work with a number of podcasters who like really like want to have it all figured out and they’re like like okay this is my strategy this is it like this is what i want to do and i’m like great so like did you survey your audience i’m like oh no i didn’t do that i was like okay well we should probably back up


like survey your audience and there’s a couple different ways to do this like we could do it on facebook you could email the people who are you’ve like emailed in the past like you don’t necessarily have to have an email list but i bet you got a bunch of emails in whatever email you use the most and just you know like you could email them email people you know um and just ask them questions like hey i’m gonna start a podcast this is what i was thinking what do you what do you think and maybe even create like a short google form survey um to do that so


so um evolution evolution you might start one where one place and you might do this and then as you grow in your podcasting journey your show might change and all of that research that you did at the beginning mm-hmm like it’s gonna change like like over the years because people podcast for years after like years on end and so as you grow i’m sure your audience is gonna grow and some people may stay with you some people may fade away and then it’s how do i figure out how my new audience where my new audience is are they still out there what do i yeah and do they still are they still thinking the same thing that they did in the beginning and this is you know always go back and visit those ideal listeners and talk to them and the new ones that cycle through and you know we do it after an at the end of each season it just that natural break just makes sense for us but you can always you know say every seven episodes or every 10 episodes i’m going to ask a couple people some questions and just chit chat for them just 15 minutes of their time pick their brain and make those adjustments those little micro adjustments i think it’s so important yeah um me too and i think that’s great advice and and i wouldn’t be afraid if your podcast podcast changes like it likely embrace


you might start with like hour-long episodes and then they might turn into 30-minute episodes like oops yeah like it turns out my audience likes shorter episodes and longer episodes and like or maybe there’s a mixed bag maybe people love when you have guests or maybe people love solo episodes like there’s just it just changes and changes and changes so i just think that’s so interesting and important to keep surveying your audience um and maybe there’s like a mix of things that like offer the most growth like having guests may help you grow your show because then you can tap into their network or maybe like a guest co-host um or like like verse like all of the one-on-ones yeah episodes right it did yeah and i think having having guests on can absolutely extend your audience and tap into their audience if having guests on isn’t quite a thing that you do which we don’t we don’t do i think it’s like every three episodes now we have and that was our strategy going in we want to guess to help grow our audience but our audience didn’t really like us having guests all that much so that’s totally fine so we’re now leveraging instagram live and we’re bringing people on there and um and that’s helping us gain a little more exposure uh to their audience as well as our audience and it’s like a mini version of our episode but we’re actually interacting with the audience and pulling them in that way you know we play games and and and tell jokes on on our podcast we actually play a game on our lives and ask people to give us their response as well so the audience plays along with us i love that um also like a funnel to your funnel yeah i know because we want to do live events eventually we want to go on a little tour and just poke around wherever we want to go and have a bunch of live events that people can come join us where would your ideal place be to tour um oh my gosh i don’t even well i guess i would like to go to you so my co-host is actually on the east coast i’m on the west coast and i’ve literally only met her a couple of times in real life yeah it’s kind of funny um the the podcast brought us together so i would personally like to tour around the east coast i’m sure she would like to come to california because we have a lot of common friends in california so who knows who knows where it’ll take us hawaii that would be amazing i think i think most of our listeners are from hawaii so we should probably go there that’s a great no i don’t know that i made that up i fudged the data to make it look like everyone’s from hawaii looks like we’ve got a lot of people listening from hawaii oh gosh i feel like i know so many people who have gone to hawaii now that they can go on vacation and it makes me want to go i know oh my gosh um so kind of i have some systems questions i think that people are always interested about systems and especially if you have a co-host so like what systems do you use to figure out who’s going to be your guest or if you don’t have a guest like we are recording times like do you just use google calendar do you like send out invites do you like share calendly like like what exactly like what are your systems and also if you’re planning marketing content and you’re splitting this up with a co-host like who does it when do you do it when do you release your audio do you release an audio like grams i know the answer i’m just asking these questions so um what are your like i’d love to know like your marketing systems and your like podcast um systems well so we have a spreadsheet we were a little more organized in the beginning and i think we need to lean back into being more organized but um we we were more organized in the beginning because we did have these guests on each episode almost every episode and we sort of laid out a couple weeks in advance okay we want this person to talk about this and this and talk about this and we actually told them you don’t have to do anything um our guests we just wanted them to come on and either play the game that we had made or uh tell some funny stories that they you know that popped into their brain the only thing we made them do is wear something red on their head because we’re both gingers and if they weren’t redheads we made them redheads which doesn’t make sense because we’re a podcast and nobody can see your head but it’s fine it made us laugh and we were okay with that so we had a whole you know this is the episode a whole spreadsheet this is the episode number this is the season number this is the date that we’re recording this is the date it’s launching this is who we’re having this is their contact information this is the title the subject and then here’s the description and we just invite them to a google calendar that’s it we just drop in the link we use zencaster to uh record our podcast and so we invite them to the zen caster link for that episode and that was kind of the extent of it we usually come up with what is happening a few weeks in advance so we can kind of do a little bit of prep work but there’s not a lot for us um maybe like a half an hour each maybe a little more and uh and it’s not yeah it’s not as involved but we kind of that was sort of by design too because we both don’t have a lot of time and we’re actually live to tape as well so we don’t do any editing um at all we don’t edit out anything that’s happening we made that decision early on we don’t we both don’t like editing and because you know we didn’t have a third person that liked editing we’re like well we’re just not gonna edit and it’s actually been it’s built a very authentic podcast for us and we’ve learned to how to control the time a little bit better maybe because there’s no time we’re not editing anything out and also how to control the time with a guest on too and uh how to pull that conversation through all the way to the end so we’re not letting them run amok and we’re not also running amok if that makes sense so yeah and um what else was i going to say about that i think too it’s it saves us a lot of of money because money is time and by doing that live to tape it’s yes and it’s kept us going because honestly a lot of podcasts i think what the stat is after episode 8 people fall off most of them and i think the editing is a big barrier for a lot of people i think editing for sure is a barrier for people and i also think it takes like real time to get comfortable with the idea of not worrying about how much you say like or um or we tend to be so super critical of ourselves and and and so it’s like going live to tape it’s like oh yeah nobody cares how many times you’re saying i’m in like and if they do care they’re not your ideal listener and they’re gonna fall off and that’s fine you know you didn’t need them anyway exactly and i think one of the reasons people listen to podcasts is so they feel included in a real conversation not a hyper-edited conversation and like i do want to caveat this like there are going to be some shows where like this it’s really necessary for those edits but in the interview style conversational co-hosted podcasts i mean it just to me makes so much sense for you to leave in all of our idiosyncrasies because we’ve all got them and i think that it’s what connects us to each other it’s so funny when i hear back from my audience or my like audience who turns into a customer and they’re like you know why i called you like you know why i wanted to go this one step further it’s because i saw that video of you on instagram where you were teasing your husband because he couldn’t flare his nostrils like it’s like the weirdest stuff right it’s just like the stuff that makes us human like us teasing each other like just like the little weird stuff so if you’re a little weird lean into it embrace it and i love that that’s what you guys for sure do with laughing with gingers you like lean into all of your goofiness all of like the silly stuff


we get real and when we say things sometimes i’m like well that’s not getting edited out okay i put that out in the world great wonderful yeah that happened but it’s authentic and and i i personally don’t like listening to heavy edited kind of conversational podcasts i can i can hear it and if and it feels disruptive when i can hear that break and i’m like ooh what did they cut out you know i get a little like defensive like ew what did they think i wasn’t deserving them to listen to ah i like it um so the audiogram thing should podcasters be creating audiograms how much time should they spend on them what are your thoughts on this um i think that it’s important pulling components out of your podcast to share and pull people and like i said sarah silverman posts a video of her it’s literally just her face i think probably someone on her team has a camera right there on her like a phone and it’s just a clip from her podcast and it’s clearly on her podcast and it’s just an igtv and like i said her that pulls me in to listen to those episodes and um and that’s how you can kind of tease out your content in a really great way make it easy i mean i we’ve gone live on some of our podcasts through facebook live we just went live and we’re like here’s us we’re going live while we’re also recording and and opening it up in whatever way is easiest for you like make it so easy and do it as approachable as you can and sustainable because the more consistent you can be with getting that those things up there the more your audience is going to get used to it and want to see it and want to build on it the more you’re going to be in their face about it and it can consistency is really key and simplicity yes keep it simple so you can be consistent i think that we think at least i totally am guilty of this like i need to be like my audiograms my promotional materials like they have to be a step above the rest like they have to be amazing like i need to set the gold standard as a broadcaster turned podcast coach who’s you know been nominated for an emmy and or won a number of journalists more it’s like i need to be amazing and all of it no simplify just simplify it simplify it simplify it make it easy for you to be consistent yeah yeah 100 100 and there are ways to do that so that you still look like still are professional look professional like yes you don’t like canva is an amazing tool do you use canva i uh yeah i just taught a canva 101 in uh class last week thursday because there’s so many great things about canva that i think most people don’t realize you can do you can drop in your video right there with a frame with your logo on it boom done jinx


yeah it’s fantastic spend some time in canva and set up some templates and get yourself a little organized and then it saves you time in the future schedule out those social media posts and and get you know i always tell clients how much do you think you can commit to posting and coming up with content and okay if it’s three or if it’s two or if it’s one a week whatever it is whatever your number is stick to that and give it a solid three months to post on social media consistently in the way that you’ve already self-determined is at your capacity level and you’ll start to see a difference you really will do you need to be in all the places absolutely not so it goes back to that step one is i your ideal client and understanding they might not be on all the places they probably aren’t most of us aren’t on all the places but you need to be where your ideal client is and i’ve had clients that have held onto a twitter account since like oh nine and none of their clients are on there they’re wasting their time on there i’m like cut it it’s okay the world will not come crashing around down around you you’re not gonna lose a thousand you know followers that were your fans it’s okay and the relief that they felt you know their face just the relief that they’re like oh i can just stop posting on this thing that i really hate posting on because that’s a barrier for you if you hate it you’re going to do it less you’re going to do it inconsistently and you’re going to be annoyed about it and that’s just no fun nobody wants to be in that space doing that stuff if they’re annoyed by it agreed i just i so agree with you thank you for sharing that we can’t hear enough if you like but but that does mean you still need at least one place where people can contact you yes even if it’s just an email like just some way that people can connect with you an email there’s a great show i don’t know if you i think it’s called bird birds bees kids um where oh i haven’t heard it um amy uh the host amy just has people um call in and her whole podcast is her just answering people’s questions on their republic i love it just like quest like three or four questions it’s like it’s great i love i love it because i personally have you know kids that are of the age where they’re starting to ask me i say kids i have two kids one kid in particular who’s starting to ask me a lot about his private parts and i don’t know what to say because we don’t have the same equipment


about what’s happening here i just don’t know what to say i don’t think just do it in your room three i hope he never listens to this episode i’m so sorry honey


i’m just like you’re overwhelmed you’re overwhelmed oh yeah like it’s just so she’s got a great podcast for if things are happening with your kids and you’re like how do i have this conversation she’s like here’s your script this is what you say when this happens i’m like oh my god thank you amy


she’s a lifeline she is she is i listen to her podcast and it’s great and i i think it’s called ask amy and bird speeds kids anyway check it out if you’re interested um is there anything i missed christina that you would like to share today i think that’s it just the freebie i can send you the link so all your listeners can grab it and it’s it’s a free downloadable and it’s go off script if you want ask all those questions five pages but it can help guide you in a curious way to really dig deep into who your listener is and how you can serve them best thank you i think that’s a great freebie i’m gonna download it good okay cool cool all right thank you so much christina and that’s a wrap thank you for listening to another episode of podcast coaching with christine for more information on this week’s episode be sure to check the show notes you can also find more information on my website christine o’donnell.com there’s a bunch of resources over there as well and more information about my community if you would like to join it again that’s christine o’donnell.com if this podcast helped you in any way please let me know you can always screenshot that you’ve listened to this episode and then share it in your stories and tag me on instagram i am happy to re-share your story and and let more people know about what you’re doing your podcast thank you again for listening and i will see you next time

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