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TV and Film Actress Michelle Simone Miller shares how she gets high-profile guest interviews for her podcast using Linkedin. Michelle is the host of the top-ranking film podcast Mentors on the Mic. Each week she takes her audience into the careers of accomplished Mentors in Entertainment, focusing on how they started in the industry and how they moved up to where they are today.

Her guests include Emmy-winning Producers. Emmy-winning Casting Directors, Grammy-winning Producers, Showrunners, Hollywood Managers, Agents, TV Directors, TV Writers, and more.

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Full Transcript:

i wanted like big accomplished mentors for the entertainment industry right i was like i don’t know these people i want to know these people right i want to learn from them as an actor i want to connect with them but i didn’t know them to like send them a message so i started with linkedin hello hello hello and welcome to podcast coaching with christine a resource for growth motivation and community for podcasters i’m your host christine o’donnell i’m an emmy nominated tv journalist and podcast producer and this podcast is for independent podcasters because you know what guys podcasting is hard and sometimes we need a little coaching so that’s what we do here each week i interview someone who has an exceptional story and talent that will help independent podcasters to grow their shows on this week’s episode i’m going to be interviewing uh someone who i know so much better now uh in like compared to when we actually conducted this interview so um it’s definitely interesting to listen back and and i enjoy this person so much because she is well incredible one two driven motivating inspirational and she’s a huge show her show is called mentors on the mic and it is one of i believe the top 30 ranked entertainment podcasts in the united states right now she uh interviews filmmakers because she recently uh interviewed um the creator of friends um yes friends with rachel and frost so she’s just an incredible uh woman interviewer and she brings so much value to my community of brightsiders so i am honored to have um you know worked with her and learned from her and you know seen how far like she’s come in just a few short months so uh yeah this podcast what’s it about what’s about using linkedin to book huge guests on your show like celebrity guests on your show uh to you to book the highest of experts to get insights and with from mentors who have been there and done it and and who are like yeah let we connected on linkedin for sure i’ll be on your show so uh we are gonna talk about all of that um on this week’s episode with michelle miller and so without further ado i’m gonna just you know here it is hello and welcome to the show everyone today i have a communications teacher a actress and host of mentors on the mic here to talk with us about how to book big talent on your podcast by leveraging the community you already have by leveraging the community you already have so this should come to us so simply but so many of us just forget that we already have a community that we can reach out to and be like hey could you be on my podcast or maybe you could help somebody else book a high-end desk so um michelle miller thank you so much for being on the show with us thank you so much for having me i’m so happy to be here well michelle and i met through a mutual friend now megan ricardo she’s doing uh she’s the host of um power your purpose and she started doing like a little mastermind and it’s so great i’m so grateful for it i love it it’s a great like group of people women really yeah it totally is um and i’m really thankful to her for for starting that and connecting us so so let’s talk about the subject matter because you as a podcaster can book some really powerful people to be on your show and you might not realize it because sometimes we forget about the community we already have so where should we start so it’s a great question so i always like to tell people to start with like the existing communities just to list them out that they belong to so high school if you went to college if you even went further than that i didn’t i stopped at college but some people have grad school even their church even their synagogue even just any sort of community that you grew up with a camp maybe some sort of program that you did when you were younger any sort of community that you’ve either joined at one point or another and start with that so start listing those and then i would go straight to linkedin that’s what i always tell people go straight to linkedin and start plugging in in the filters for your search start plugging in the names of the the communities right so you put in for example i went to brandeis university not known for the particular guests that i wanted i wanted like big accomplished mentors for the entertainment industry right i was like i don’t know these people i want to know these people right i want to learn from them as an actor i want to connect with them but i didn’t know them to like send them a message so i started with linkedin and i started looking at my college which is not known for entertainment i have to preface that and i started finding people who had gone to brandeis at some point or another and i would start typing in names of roles i’d be like oh i’d like i’d like a producer i’d like a director i’d like someone who works at netflix i’d like someone who works at such and such and slowly but surely those names would pop up and then i’d figure out how to contact them i could write to them on linkedin i could find them on social media often you’d have a website you could reach them at or maybe an email address that’s available to the public and i would start writing to them and that’s how i really started getting my first guests that and i would look at the particular directory so for example with brandeis um no one really knows i’ve talked to so many alum and they’re unaware that there was a brandeis directory that you have to sign up for so i signed up for this directory i like went in and i started being able to search again in the industry within particular roles within particular names of companies of agencies so the same thing i did on linkedin and i found people and i reached out to them the reason why this is so great is because people actually want to help if they’re feeling like there’s a kinship within the community that they belong to oh you went to the same camp as i did i love that camp yeah sure i’ll be on your podcast i’ll be on this thing with you oh you went to the same school you know i really haven’t done anything for them but yeah i could give you 45 minutes or an hour of my time and i started to feel like i got more yeses i got more yeses from the people who we had mutual communities with even if i didn’t know them even if i had no connection to them other than that community itself which some of them would say i don’t even want to be associated with brandeis i didn’t love that some people said great things about the school but some were like i this is nothing to do with brandeis right but i’ll help you but i’ll be on this podcast as long as it’s not for brandeis it’s for you michelle and i’d be like i don’t care sure that’s fine so who are some of the um guests that you’ve gotten on your show that you are most proud of that how how did she know that person this is really hard because i can say every single guest i am so grateful because i really have gotten incredible guests but i’ve gotten them different ways the ones i got from the the way i just explained so one was stan brooks who’s this big emmy-winning producer he’s i think he has like 75 credits of films and tv shows and his name he’s directed he just directed agents of shield he produced many you know and he had great stories because he started off my whole podcast is really how you started and how you moved up so i always start from the beginning of how that like what was their first job in entertainment and his first job was a male in the mail room so it was so cool to hear how he moved up from the mail room and like the advice he got on the way that like got him to where he is now which is directing and producing big big projects and so that was really cool um what else i just i mean it’s really hard because like i said every guest i’m super excited about i only take on guests that i’m like thrilled by um the last last guest was linda mendoza who’s a huge comedy tv director i got that through a different tip which i’ll share with you um what else did i get that i’m like incredible i you know i got this guy named ron west who’s a big hollywood manager and producer in la he does he had great stories too he would just name drop really like just casually where it was like you could tell it’s authentic he’s like oh so you know this was the whole thing matthew mcconaughey gave me this referral to this guy and i was like is this how la is like that you just like everyone’s connected to these big celebrities because that’s the impression i’m getting at this point um but just yeah i’m trying to think of uh other people you know there were people in my own network that i tapped into as well so like um there were a couple people who were mentors for me in creating my podcast here’s a really good story you’d appreciate so there’s these two women that i know who are both actors and they created a podcast they wanted to do a project together and they created a podcast about the hallmark like channel they just loved hallmark movies they’re like let’s just create a podcast where we talk about hallmark movies because we both love them we both want to like have this project together and it grew for about a year it wasn’t like they had the biggest numbers ever the biggest community but they would get like some hallmark people to be on their podcast as guests they had great games they had a great dynamic they called themselves the bubbly sesh after a year of doing the podcast one of them reached out to the ceo of hallmark and said hey like i don’t know if you’re gonna get this wrote this email that was like this is who we are this is what we do we heard you’re making a podcast you put out a couple episodes we’d love to collaborate with you we love to come on as a producer just like listing all these possible ideas they didn’t hear back for five weeks nothing zero it’s just a really crazy time december is christmas for them so they’re like all up in that and five weeks later they got an email with like one line that was like yeah come in for a meeting they came in for a meeting they are now the official podcast for hallmark channel they are the hallmarks the bubbly sesh they have an office in the hallmark building they are like fully immersed and then later after a few months they got um two like they they both got parts in a hallmark movie that like a small part so it’s just like all full circle it was just this incredible story and i was like i need you guys on the podcast i just you guys are people that i want to share the story of so you know it really is all about the stories about the things that they’ve done and things people you know do to get to different places you know even just the funny stories like you know like you know just there’s so many i so i really sort of gravitate to that but these people exist in our network stories you know come from everybody just kind of have to figure out the right perspective to talk to them about it you know it’s so interesting to me because the podcasting space is just so loose so fast and loose right like anybody can join anybody can be a podcaster the barrier to entry is so low you really just need like a good idea and something you’re passionate about and follow through exactly and and then consistency and to not be afraid to do those things like hey i just wanted to reach out and be like uh we could do this for you or that for you or this yeah thank you so much and just because they put themselves out there because they started this podcast because they loved it now they have this whole other opportunity that is probably blowing their minds i haven’t interviewed them i want to now but right it’s just and it’s it’s crazy because i so i recently traveled michelle um and it’s like you know that’s like a topic right that’s a thing yeah pandemic world scary to travel but i had been in upstate new york visiting my family we had driven there from minnesota with our kids and my husband it’s just it was a whole thing and then um while i was there you know i’m talking about what i do with people and people you know i’m a podcast coach yeah i’m a journalist i’m a producer and i teach people how to launch successful podcasts when it comes to figuring out what their story is their messaging is like i thrive on it and and i’m mentioning this to people around me who are like so how’s your business going christine and i’m like oh it’s going okay it’s going pretty good and they’re like okay like they so many people still don’t know what podcasting is or they like think of podcasting of some as like some second rate or third rate or fourth rate like this like yeah really low commodity medium that they don’t understand how to listen to and then i’m like hey alexa play podcast coaching with christine and then my dad was like whoa what is happening right now yeah and so it’s just it’s so interesting that like for so many people podcasting is just not a thing not something they’re thinking about it’s not on their radar there’s the infiltration is still so low but then one of the biggest questions i get from people who think about starting a podcast is is the market too saturated are too many people doing this like what’s like what’s the point and and that like mentality thought process just kind of defeats you before you start yeah you can start you can like create and craft something that could lead to this other amazing thing but yeah something that you’re passionate about and something you like really want to keep doing um and there’s of course strategy behind it but i just i think that story is so awesome because so many people don’t think of podcasting as a as a big deal right now yeah that’s their job now they’re like their job is to go to the hallmark building and i mean maybe not as much now they do more remote interviews but they do panels for hallmark they’ve gone they’ve been flown to the upfronts for hallmark they’ll host things they’ll do like you know they’ll do fun things like i i went in for um i was a guest on their podcast last year to promote like a hanukkah christmas movie and i remember when i got there they had their hair done and i was like oh my god nice hair they’re like we just got back from dry bar because hallmark and dry bar did like a collaboration and they wanted us to go and get our hair done and talk about it and i was like you guys are getting free like free blowouts because like this isn’t what a great job but that’s their job and it looks so fun and they do other projects too um great you know great girls you should you know check it out especially if you’re into hallmark movies but i think that it inspired me because i’d wanted to create a podcast for so long but i didn’t have a topic i definitely had nerves i definitely felt like what am i supposed to say and i remember looking at them going you know the joy that they had just talking about hallmark movies with one another ended up catapulting into something much bigger that even affected their other job which is to be an actor and i thought to myself like what am i doing like just create and i have to tell you christine it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done because i now have agency over something creative i always i felt like for so long i was waiting to get a job to be creative or i was paying for a class to be creative and it couldn’t happen whenever i wanted to now i can be creative with something that’s my own so i highly recommend if you have any desire to to do a podcast just give yourself a date and just do it like do some practice and some research and do whatever it is you know that you need to do but give yourself a time and just do it because you know it’s it’s just why not you know you have that you have the control over it when you’re when you’re doing it yourself yeah and there is not one person that i’ve spoken to who’s like who regrets it yeah the podcast i mean a lot of people hope that they can monetize their podcast pretty quickly and there are strategies to do that but the things that you’re going to get out of your podcast beyond like for me it’s a relationships like i’ve met so many amazing people who just like fuel my soul and make me just want to be more amazing for them like yeah so many amazing people out there and podcasting kind of gives you an excuse to talk with them um yeah and then there’s this the creativity that like this other thing that you now have ownership over that nobody else can take away from you yeah it’s really yeah and going back to your other point like that is so important christine the idea that like these people wouldn’t talk to you otherwise for the most part i mean i reached out to a couple of my guests like 10 years ago when i graduated college and i remember reaching out to them and i was reaching out to them as an actress who wanted their advice or wanted their connections or just wanted to hear from them about like getting an agent or getting in you know to bigger auditions and there was only so much they could help like even if they were a producer even if they were agent even if they were a manager there was only so much they could do and i didn’t talk to them again for years because i didn’t know how to reach out to them again and be like hey same boat i love for you to give me something i’d love for you to give me a part or a connection and it’s different when you’re asking them to talk about themselves and i and i got that difference like there’s it’s a different ask for them to spend some time being on a podcast and some people are not thrilled about doing it there’s one or two that i think that said no politely but almost everyone loves to talk about themselves so i’ve gotten so many more yeses from really big people like big producers big directors agents managers the casting director that cast me in homeland you know i can’t just call her and talk to her whenever she we’re not close we’re not like friends i’ve paid her for classes i’ve gotten parts from her i’ve gotten auditions from her but i can’t just call up a casting director that’s not allowed as an actor but i can’t ask to interview her for a podcast and all that is still networking i still get to know her more she still gets to know me more but i also get to share her story with other people and the stories and the lessons i’ve learned have not only impacted me but impacted other people i’ve spoken to so why not have all of that you know yeah go preach yeah but i have other tips too so okay so i kind of like alluded to it earlier but another one is social media so i reached out to a few of people just through social media and again i would try to have some sort of connection like oh we went to the school it went in you know but sometimes i started reaching out and i would now leverage the the existing guests that i’ve already gotten from those initial communities i now would s that now gave me credibility to ask them even if i didn’t know them so i would write to certain people and some people i never heard back from mind you but a couple people right away said yeah sure i’ll be on your podcast and as long as you have a very specific ask like i’d say you know 45 minutes to an hour i’d so it’s not that much time i’d say it’s on zoom so they know zoom it’s very sort of easily thought of like accessible for them for most people i’d say happy to promote anything you want to promote and i would say these are the guests that i’ve had and i now can start listing the three or four people that i was able to get you know and i also i mean there are some people that i’m now thinking about i got um this guy who’s an editorial analyst at netflix i like put it in linkedin i was like brandeis netflix and i got an editorial analyst it is still one of my top episodes you know people wanted to learn about metadata they want i didn’t even know anything about metadata we’re coming from a place of like i have no idea so that kind of connection through social media i reached out to this one woman her name’s serena kerrigan top top episode for my podcast still because she just has so many followers and so much engagement so this is the other tip i give people don’t only look at the follower count for people look at their engagement level so not everyone feels like they have a good idea about instagram but here’s a tip look at how many comments they’re getting and how many likes they’re getting as opposed to how many followers you have because a lot of people have inflated followers and so you look at their engagement you think okay they’re getting 10 000 people liking and engaging with them and commenting those are people that are more likely to listen to an episode if they recommend it and that’s sort of the idea you want to think you don’t want to think oh they have 30 000 followers that’s 30 000 people listening to my podcast potentially no because those 30 000 people might not be real they might not care if that person puts out anything you want to look at how much engagement so this one girl’s serena care again she’s a content creator she had so many followers but also so many people wanted to interact with her and they all wanted to learn her story so she only posted my podcast once and it’s still the number one episode on my podcast so that’s part of it too it’s like find the people who have a lot of people wanting to be with it like wanting to hear from them wanting to interact with them yeah find that engagement yeah something i wanted to bring up in this same space is also to think about people who might be in your network that could help they might not fit your podcast but they might be able to help another podcaster yeah you might be able to help another podcaster get their dream interview without even like knowing it like you might be able to connect them to somebody um this happened to me and and then it becomes like such a mutual like there’s then everybody’s just scratching each other’s back and so just growing together and it’s so awesome um an example of this is and also my my four and a half month old is with us too so she um she might make some noise um an example is uh there’s an amazing podcast i don’t know if you’ve heard of it michelle but it’s called the only one in the room and it is hosted by uh laura cathcart rob robbins and she is an amazing interviewer she’s an amazing talent and she features people who have a story about how they were the only one in the room um like them at one point in their lives and her um whole podcast idea started from you know she went to a writer’s retreat and she realized she was the only black woman in this room of hundreds of people and she kind of she couldn’t believe it um and then she could and then she wrote about it and then it got published and then it went viral and wow and this thing that she wasn’t expecting was the way she wrote the article spoke to so many people because so many of us have felt like the only one in the room regardless of our skin color like there are other things yeah happened to us in our lives that make us an outsider at one point and so she started to speak to all of these outsiders anyway she’s just i admire her so much and i loved her podcast and i ended up interviewing her on this show on the show i was like who’s your dream interview guest who would you love and she she said like well brad pitt that’d be awesome i can’t hook her up with brad pitt but somebody who was in my network who would not be a good fit for podcast coaching with christine um who i imagine might have a story that could fit for her show and maybe make her like get one step closer to booking that brad pitt one day is randy jackson um i happen to be connected with him like through my community in kind of some some weird ways and i was like i wonder if i reach out if i can help her book him and it worked and it happened wow and so it was he’s not on my show

but he um he was a really great guest for her wow episode that i have to check that out and and yeah and then um gosh poor laura that the first recording they did michelle didn’t happen like if they oh there’s a glitch and so she had to record with him oh god it was like the first nightmare right but this happens to everyone so what happens to everyone just sad that it happened with that one i know you know so you hope it’s going to be someone you can easily reschedule and it’s not a problem yeah and but that this wasn’t a that’s a great story but yes yeah but i have a similar one so so the way i got my last guest linda mendoza i’d never met her not connected with her she’s not in any of my networks and a friend of mine who is an actress she has a one-woman show highly recommend it betty davis her name’s jessica sher and she does this really great one woman show she plays betty davis she’s fantastic and she and i would just go back and forth we’re sort of creating and marketing projects my podcast and her show and we decided we were going to hold each other’s accountable like every day we would each reach out to people i would reach out to guests and she would reach out to people who could see her show right on zoom and so every day we check in with each other oh who did you write to oh who did you write too it was this really fun thing we chat and she reached out to this director this comedy director named linda mendoza and linda responded and went to see her show and i was like good on you so happy for you she goes she should also be on your podcast and i was like you think do you think she would she’s like why not let’s ask her so she connected me to linda and linda said yes and that’s how she was our final you know final guest on my first season of my podcast and i you know that stuff works it’s this idea of you know making a connection for one person or just being there for the other person and i also in turn by the way gave her um connections to the guests on my podcast introduce her to people who have been talking to her but it’s just like yeah you’re totally right it’s it’s about that you know connection and helping each other and just you never know where that’ll go yeah so awesome it’s just it’s so if if you’re listening i i would say um don’t be afraid to tell people who your dream interview is yes i i even i i know someone who has a spreadsheet you know in their like signature that says here’s all of my dream interview guests for my mom if you know anyone please like that’s smart your contact information or email it to me but this is this is my spreadsheet of everybody i would love wow um to get on my show so if you if you can help me out i wonder does it work yeah cause she got some big that’s amazing so it’s kind of it’s just putting it out into the universe like hey instead of like go to my website or go to this it’s like hey check out my spreadsheet if you know anybody below please let me yeah well that kind of goes into another tip which is ask your guests for recommendations too you know what i mean i i’ve asked guests being like it was so great having you on do you have any recommendations and my first one stan brooks gave me two big people in the industry one was in more media and one was a big producer named damon lee and and i contacted them and and for other guests the same thing like i had um one guest adina pitt she’s the vice president of cartoon network she also is a brandeis alum i also had her husband on who’s a big production manager in tv and film in new york and they sort of in their network also brandeis but i didn’t know them and they weren’t on the directory and they’re not on linkedin so i would never have known but they in their network had big tv directors and producers so i got the executive producer for madame secretary on my podcast from that that was big i mean he’s fantastic and then jason enzler who’s a big tv director and he currently is working on the second season of love victor on seas on hulu right so he’s currently filming that so i got that like it was just amazing but all of that was just recommendations from other people yeah

so if you are listening to this and you haven’t checked out mentors on the mic yet yes you want to hear these amazing stories about people in the entertainment industry and how they got to where they are now you’ve got to check out michelle’s podcast like this thing i mean gosh those are some amazing guests and it is the thing i really love about podcasting is again the relationships that you make when you are face to face with someone for 45 minutes and 100 get to learn more about them learn about what they want and if you can help them reach their goals then i mean that’s this amazing thing that only you can do for them yeah so yeah and don’t be afraid you know don’t be afraid that most of the people do end up saying yes especially if you really outline for them like what is the you know what’s the uh commitment right so if you’re just saying it’s 45 minutes to an hour you know we’re on zoom we’re just talking about your life sorry i have this like on the video you’re gonna see this like i have these like like it’s from the window but there’s like the shade just it’s hitting me in a particular way it’s got like a line of sunlight coming down my face so i hope you appreciate it i know right especially oh god that’d be so unfortunate to explain to people but yeah no have fun with it make it a game i was making it a game for a long time like what’s the next guest and after a while people also reach out to you and they’ll say you know i have this idea um but i love your idea about putting it in the signature i’m gonna play around with that one maybe yeah see where it’ll take why not what it could do for you there’s so many different ways podcasting um can impact your life in a positive way whether it’s you know making your name be the first thing that pops up when people google your expertise on yeah that’s something podcasting can do for you right um if it’s you know finding an offer to monetize at some point creating a free gift for every single you know person who listens to your podcast like there’s so many like if you just put all of the tips from all of your podcasts together that’s so much valuable information yeah yeah it’s so true oh good i love that so so any other tips for people who would really like to lean into the community that they already have to get people on their podcast yeah i have one more tip i think that i think i always like to tell people which is try to time people’s like the things that people are trying to promote so for example like i reached out to an author that i love um taylor jenkins read she wrote daisy jones and the six great book highly recommend and i reached out to on a whim on social media and i was like i’d love to interview i love this book it really is important to me you know this is the time frame etc and someone on our team wrote me and was like well this is the pr team like you could reach out to them so i was like okay why not i’ll reach out to them so i reached out to them and they’re like well she’s not doing interviews right now but she’s actually promoting the book uh her new book in the spring um but reach out to us then and we’ll we’ll you know we’ll coordinate an interview so that started getting me thinking like how much can i time things for what people are trying to promote so there was one person in my network she’s a tv film director she was nominated for a tony for rock of ages for best director and she also i saw on social media that she was she was um she directed an episode of netflix’s julie and the phantoms and i saw when it was and i reached out turned i said i’d love to talk about this and your career and how you started we can time it for a round when the episode comes out and then i reached out to serena kerrigan who’s the content creator was telling you about she was doing a second season of her instagram live show which it was really big and had a lot of you know engagement etc and so i made that episode the same week of her launch so i would recommend start finding people things that they’re promoting right books things that they’re working on and time it for the launch day because people um specifically i had another one who’s a graphic novelist he had a kickstarter for his book his graphic novel which i mean i think he made six times his initial goal by the end of the month like he he he already got to his goal for the kickstarter in two hours but he timed his launch so well that the entire week of his launch he had like podcast interviews coming out he had articles written about him he had done so much the month before to prepare and so when we did our interview i told him i would like the day his his uh launch started i would time the episode for that day and it was part of his huge launch i don’t think you know it might have helped a little bit in grading to his goal but i started to realize like people are more likely to want to be part of a podcast if they know it’s in support of something that they need so start looking for what people are promoting and start timing it so you could be like hey it’s coming out in a month i’d love to interview you and and interview you and time the episode for the launch of that project um another tip for that is look at publishers book publishers like

go to their page and see what’s coming soon yep um what will be released soon because insider tip one of the things that all book publishers do is they work really hard to get their authors on at least 50 podcasts there you go so um because of the micro engagements smaller um engagements are so powerful when it comes to a podcaster saying hey check out this book it’s amazing it’s gonna blow your mind it changed my life podcast advertising is huge right now yeah it’s a huge industry it’s growing i know podcasters don’t love ads but but it is the engagement in podcast is so high that book publishers are looking constantly to get their authors in podcast so you don’t it’s so true huge podcast so you can also go to amazon and they have a section where it says like you know new releases or coming soon or um and a lot of these books you can you know purchase ahead of time there’s a wait list and also you could ask them to send you an advanced copy if you’re getting you know if you’re saying listen i’d like to time the launch for the launch of your book can i get a copy ahead of time so i could talk to them about it you know i mean that sort of thing yeah that’s a great tip and you’re starting to see it more and more like matthew mcconaughey just put out his book green lights he was on all the major podcasts like all of the major entertainment related podcasts with actors with people he was on all of them talking about his book i was like i was impressed but it also made me realize you’re right podcasts are a huge part of people’s promotions especially now when you can’t do as many talk shows as easily when you can’t go on everybody’s you know other this is another medium for them to get their book and i love it i love your advice that’s a great tip michelle you should reach out to him yeah yeah i should i i wonder if he’s already past the point of wanting to promote his podcast but i mean his book but it’s worth it i think i might just try it why not right at some point you just get a little like time people are looking for christmas gifts new year’s christmas gift for the world

is it can you give a christmas gift to a stranger exactly i mean why not i think it’s why not i think why not so yeah well is there anything michelle that i haven’t asked you that you’d like to share no i think that’s it it’s so great to be on i think you’re fantastic i love your podcast um i reached out to i was like i think i have a good idea for people like i think this would work and i spoke about this um at a podcast festival at podfest i think it’s called um and so i did a whole thing and i was like i might as well i mean what else am i going to do with this information now like so i felt like this is i’m so grateful for you letting me talk about this stuff well thank you for sharing it and um has vidfest happened it did it already it did i presented at vidfest on on-camera presence like how to achieve on-camera presence and that was really fun so there’s so many different things uh yeah it’s it’s been really great i love it well if you would like to learn more about michelle make sure to check out the show notes and yeah link to her podcast mentors on the mic and is there any place else we should send people perhaps your instagram instagram yeah at michelle simone miller and at mentors on the mic either one i have all my information there yeah okay guys thank you so much for listening to another episode of podcast coaching with christine because you know what podcasting is hard and sometimes we need a little coaching this podcast is all about providing growth inspiration and community for podcasters so what does that mean well if you’d like more insights on how to grow your podcast if you’d like to join my community of amazing like-minded podcasters who are actively making a difference in the world with their shows but they’re also making a difference in each other’s lives through support you know we do monthly events where we just chat with each other it’s kind of like support group sessions which are just so nice we also do expert events where we learn the ins and outs of the industry there’s usually at least one expert event either hosted by myself or i will bring in an expert to share some amazing insights on what you can do to grow your show and these are workshops these are hands-on events where you also are going to get to talk to the expert for example next uh next week we have rob greenlee from libsyn coming in to talk to us about whether or not you should do the apple podcast paid prescription paid prescription paid subscription off offer option so if you’re curious about whether or not you know apple podcast new paid subscription is a good place for you to start putting out bonus episodes or if you should keep those bonus episodes behind your own personal paywall um with a membership like glow which is part it’s a libsyn feature but there are other memberships as well so anyway we’re going to be uh having him uh here to talk about it so if you’d like more information about any of that you guys head to my website christine o’donnell.com there’s a bunch of free podcasting resources there and you can gain access to my membership events that we have coming up and it’s just a good time so thank you again for listening to this week’s episode and for more information like i said go to christine o’donnell.com

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