NEW APP: Scratch N’ Sniff Social Media Promos for Podcasters

Promote your podcast with smells?! It may sound too good to be true, but APP Developer Clodo Baggins created a new social media tool that helps podcasters grow their shows with “Scratch N’ Sniff” technology.

Here’s how it works. First, you download the Scratch N’Sniff for Podcasts App on your phone. Connect your media host to the account. Then, the next time you upload your podcast you’ll have the ability to make the episode trigger a smell in your listener’s brain! It also helps them remember you, and your content more. This – critics say – is a real game changer for the podcasting industry. 

The trick is to add the keyword of the smell you’d like your episode and the social media promotion post for the episode. 

Of course, the app creator, has cherry picked smells for podcasters so listener’s social media isn’t flooded with foul odor’s (if you know what I mean). 

For example, Christine O’Donnell, Emmy-Nominated Journalist and Host of Podcast Coaching with Christine used the keyword #lemons and boom! Now, her show (and her social media posts) smell lemony fresh!

Take a look: 

Be sure to listen to the episode, follow her show for new episodes and leave a review for good measure! After all, she is the one who came up with this fabulous April Fool’s Joke! And, if you’re still reading… she definitely got you! 

The next season of her show launches on Tuesday, April. 9th. 


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