How to GAME Your Podcast Analytics

LaunchPod's podcasts have been featured by Apple Podcast 15 times and they have top shows in 13 countries.

In episode 9 of the podcast, I interviewed LaunchPod Media co-founders John Dinkle and DeeKei Waddle help businesses fulfill their marketing goals through podcasts.

Read on to learn: 

  • How podcasters should engage with their audience online
  • Resources to grow your SEO
  • Where you should track your podcast.

LaunchPod’s podcasts have been featured by Apple Podcast 15 times and they have top shows in 13 countries. In this episode, they share how they successfully “game” their podcast analytics go grow their productions, so you can too.

Places Podcasters Should Engage With Their Audience Online: 

  1. Facebook
    1. Groups
    2. Live Streams
    3. Live Stream (stories)
  2. Instagram
  3. Reddit
  4. Discord
  5. Quora
  6. Twitch Live Streams

Time Codes Worth Mentioning:

02:22  – How these cofounders met.

02:40 –  “I started a podcast to piss off one of my professors and the rest is kind of history.” – John Dinkle

05:41 – My listenership is low, my market is small, but I have a very large portion of the market share. So, that means the people who are interested in my podcast are engaging; [Bringing in money and fan mail.]

06:10 – The 2 big misconceptions in podcasting.

07:37 – “If you have 50 peeps in your email list, that doesn’t mean very much, but 50 listeners in a podcasting sense, podcast listeners are much more dedicated than an email reader.” DeeKei Waddell

07:49 – The conversion rate is 64%. In other words, 64 percent of podcast listeners purchase something recommended by the host every 3 months. That kind of power does not happen in any other medium.

08:29 – “I just have a few hundred downloads. And, that’s all it took for Spotify and Apple to recognize how I’m doing.” -DeeKei Waddell

11:18 – You can be an expert at things, but still be learning through your podcasting process.

12:42 – “As someone who has received a ton of hate mail. As you may imagine, being in the TV industry a lot of people have opinions about how you look, how you sound, what you say if you put a typo out there in an article, there’s a lot of opinions that have come my way over time.”

“For every person who doesn’t like what you’re doing, for every person who’s hating on you or sends you a mean message. There are…probably 100 people who love you and one person who’s like “raaaah.” And, they are the ones who write that email.”

“If you’re going to podcast, if you’re going to step in front of a microphone, you are now opening yourself up to criticism. Someone is going to say something, you are going to get hate mail, just prepare for it and think, every time you get 1 of those messages, there are 100 people that are so grateful that you delivered your message.” – Christine O’Donnell

14:48  – “What if Instagram is not working, where else do I go to promote my podcast?

22:10 –  Speak Pipe –> Word Press Application where people can call in and leave you messages you can add to your podcast

22:54 – Use the same email in your RSS feed for all of the emails you use for your podcast!

24:19 – 42 listeners for the first 3 months of your show — the average download rate.

25:41 – Resource for SEO growth with Keywords:

Google is now tracking the automatic transcript, then you have a very good chance of having your podcast rank at the top of Google.

Companies will pay $60,000 for a SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) at the top of Google, You can go above the, by making a YouTube video and having the transcript there…then you can usually beat out advertisements at $16 a click.

23:37 – Track Your Podcast: ChartablePodtrac

Connect with Launch Pod Media’s John Dinkle and DeeKei Waddell

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