How becoming a TEDx speaker can elevate your podcast

It is no secret that the podcasting industry has grown substantially in recent years and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Now, more than ever, podcast creators are looking to reach their target audience; even on a global scale. According to, US ad spending will surpass $1 billion this year and reach $1.61 billion by 2024.

Although it is necessary to invest into advertising your brand, we also encourage podcasters to find inexpensive ways to make themselves known. This week Christine interviews Arzo Yusuf, founder and host of the Sexy Boss Babe brand and podcast.

She delves into how she became a TEDx speaker and used the platform to educate viewers about her mission and, subsequently, elevate her podcast while reaching a global audience. 

Sexy Boss Babe is a beauty brand created with the intention to encourage and empower women, and stands on the belief that women have a responsibility to enact change into the world. Arzo’s mission arose when she started working with Angel’s Nest, a non-profit aimed at helping former foster youth. It was through working with the organization that she learned about the appalling realities of the foster care system, and how there was a direct link between the system and sex trafficking.

She realized that not enough people were aware of this correlation, and this lack of knowledge inspired her to create the Sexy Boss Babe business producing trendy stick on nails. In order to make the information she wanted to spread palatable to her buyers, she decided to place informative sex trafficking statistics on the packaging of her product. After Arzo had spent years building a beauty business around her mission statement to empower foster youth, she was looking for validation; something to solidify herself as a thought leader in the industry but how does one do that? It was at this point that she decided to launch a podcast to help people understand her creatively unconventional brand and bring them “into [its] ecosystem,” as she puts it. She wanted to create feelings and emotions with other women, and a podcast provided her with a great opportunity to do so using her own voice. 

"I was rejected the first time I applied."

Arzo Yusuf, Sexy Boss Babe Podcast Tweet


In her first year of podcasting, Arzo sporadically released 12 episodes of the Sexy Boss Babe podcast and used this period as an experimental one. She found that the podcast really helped her audience understand and connect to her brand on a deeper level. People were now realizing that they could purchase beauty products while directly serving the community and gaining knowledge, and yet this was not enough for Arzo.


She wanted to take her brand and mission to another level, to reach a wider audience, and impact more lives. She asked herself, “How do I make the world believe that I am what I believe I am?”


Finally, she decided that she needed credibility. And one place to get that is through standing on stage and putting yourself out there. That is what pushed Arzo to apply to be a speaker at a local TEDx event. TEDx is a grassroots initiative that aims to bring people together to research and discover important knowledge.


Today, the TEDx Talks Youtube channel has approximately 31.4 million subscribers, and this is exactly the type of platform that Arzo wanted to use to bring awareness to the sex trafficking problem faced by the foster community. “I was rejected the first time I applied,” the beauty brand entrepreneur and podcaster said. She was devastated, and after being rejected she felt discouraged and did not think that she would try again. However, a year later, after getting acquainted with some of the TEDx organizers on social media, she was invited to apply again. This time she was accepted.


The truth is that getting up on stage to speak on a highly reputable platform can be scary, but it is definitely worth it. Arzo described her experience as one of the most memorable things she has ever done, and she still reaps the benefits of taking that leap in her business today. The experience helped her become more established as an expert in her field, and gave her the credibility that she felt she needed.


Now, her mission has the ability to reach over 30 million subscribers, and she did not have to spend large amounts of money on advertising to produce the same results. So, what should you do if you are looking to elevate your podcast and really take your brand and purpose to the next level? Here are 5 things you can do that will help get you a TEDx Speaking gig:

5 things you can do that will help you get a
TEDx Speaking Gig


  1. Watch other TEDx Speakers. See how they craft their story and message. 

Studying existing TEDx speakers is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the format. By doing this you can determine the characteristics of successful TEDx talks, and the not so successful TEDx talks. This way, you will know whether your topic is likely to garner the attention and views you want it to. 

  1. Watch Arzo’s TEDx talk here  

  2. Here’s another one we like: by Cassandra Diamond which speaks on how brothels are often hidden in plain sight

  1. Apply! 

Once you have decided on your topic choice, search for your local TEDx organizer website and apply. Arzo advises that if you have feelings of doubt and insecurity, try to silence that negative inner voice and follow your own joy.

  1. Create an authentic rapport and relationship with the TED bookers in your community. 

For Arzo, creating connections with some of the local TEDx organizers is what led to them reaching out to her a year after she first applied. They were able to see her passion and dedication through her social media presence and this fostered an understanding of how her voice needed to be amplified.

  1. Follow up.

Following up after applying can be beneficial to your preparation process. It will ensure that you do not miss out on any information that could help your talk go smoothly. It could also be an opportunity for you to gain some tips and insider secrets from the organisers. Liasoning with the organizing team will grow the relationship you should already have with them. 

  1. Prepare.

When it comes to public speaking, preparation is key. Practicing your talk will not only ensure that you remember all the important information you want to share, but it will also help calm your nerves and boost your confidence. Arzo recommends joining speaking groups such as Toastmasters International that teach public speaking and leadership skills. Click the following link to find a Toastmasters club near you Toastmasters International -Find a Club 

Fisile Mabuza

Fisile Mabuza

Fisile Mabuza is a Creative Writing major at the College of Idaho and is currently working as an intern for Bright Sighted. She graduated with an international baccalaureate diploma at the United World College Southern Africa in 2017 where she focused on English language studies and humanities.

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