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Heather Osgood

32. Get More Downloads and Make Money with Ads | Heather Osgood

Osgood reveals tips to increase your downloads and other ways podcasters are turning a profit.


“How do I make money with my podcast?” If you’ve typed this question into Google, this is where you get answers Founder of True Native Media, a podcast representation agency that specializes in podcast advertising, Heather Osgood reveals how podcasters book advertisers. In this episode, Osgood reveals tips to increase your downloads and other ways (besides advertisements) podcasters are turning a profit.

What We Learn:

1:45: What a typical day looks like for Heather

3:00: Value of having Advertisements in Podcasts

5:00: Podcasters plugging products versus social media influencers doing so

7:00: Monetizing with smaller vs. larger advertisers

10:25: Standard amount of downloads that qualifies you to work with AD companies/Ensuring working with AD’s is a win-win situation

14:35: If you don’t have many downloads, there are other ways to monetize!

  1. Sell your own products
  2. Creating Live Events
  3. Patreon
  4. Affiliate Relationships/complementary  products

19:50: Transitioning from no AD’s on your podcast to having AD’s/soliciting

23:00: How to perform a successful AD read on your podcast

26:10: How to increase your podcast downloads in order to reach the threshold where you can start to consider dabbling with AD’s

30:00: Selling AD’s through players or even through True Native Media

33:25: How do journalists do a host read AD read without actually endorsing a product?

35:55: Advice for a Podcaster who is currently struggling

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