Crucial Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Podcast

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Congratulations! You have a podcast idea that you’re passionate about and you’re ready to start recording.⁠

Well…⁠ Before you get started, here are the CRUCIAL questions you need to ask yourself before your big launch day.⁠

1. What will the format of my show be?

Have you thought about how long your episodes will be? How often are you going to post new episodes?

2. How will I market my podcast?⁠

Are you going to market on social media? What platforms will you use to connect with your audience?⁠

Learn how to find your podcast listeners when Instagram just isn’t cutting it.

Arielle from EarBuds Podcast Collective has insider tips for marketing your podcast, and how to be featured by your favorite podcast apps and platforms.⁠

If you’re interested, check out her episode on the latest Podcast Coaching with Christine episode⁠.

P.S. Are you looking to connect with other podcasters? Join the Bright Sighted Podcast Community to learn and collaborate with other independent and passionate podcasters.

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Celine Marie

Celine Marie

Celine is a content strategist, social media expert and coach. She is a regular writer for Bright Sighted Podcasting. Celine helps her clients transform their social media to a positive experience and a tool to scale their business.

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