Your Resume Reel is your MOST IMPORTANT component to growing your career. The quality of your reel will either make or break your chances of getting that next big job you want

With a comprehensive resume reel review we go through your reel piece by piece, breaking down:

  • Your stand-up and live-shot opening montage
  • Your full packages and reports
  • What should you cut? What should you replace?
  • What are you missing? What should you re-edit?

We will help you highlight your strengths, and remove the mistakes and elements you don’t know are making you look bad.

Resume Reel Reviews includes 3 sessions:

First Draft
After you send me your reel and I go through it, we will setup a time to talk: either over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or a normal call. I will give my full analysis with written notes, and tell you what to fix.


Second Draft
We regroup to go over everything you changed, and figure out how we can further improve your reel based on the new changes and new content you may have added.


Final Draft
After this session your resume reel will be ready to send out to job openings.

$499 for students / $749 for working broadcasters

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