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Bright Sighted Partner Show Wins Signal Award alongside iHeart, Netflix, HBO, and Industry Elites

Moving Past Murder, hosted by true crime survivor Collier Landry, won the Silver Award and the Listener’s Choice Award for Best Exclusive Content and Experiences from the Signal Awards.

The Signal Awards is a new podcast award show from the organizers of the internet-focused Webby Awards. The judges include industry leaders from iHeartRadio, Amazon and Netflix, as well as a number of independent podcasters

The Signal Awards received nearly 1,700 entries for its dozens of awards in its inaugural year. The awards were divided across four categories: individual episodes, limited series and specials, shows, and branded shows & advertising.

Bright Sighted Podcasting, in conjunction with Don’t Touch My Radio and Untamed River Media and Productions, worked together to craft Moving Past Murder as a place for trauma survivors to connect.

“Collier’s passion for excellence combined with his vulnerability and strength is what make this podcast truly remarkable,” Bright Sighted Founder Christine O’Donnell said. “This podcast has meant so much to so many listeners on their journeys through heartache and grief. I’m glad the show and Collier are being recognized for that.” 

The inaugural batch of Signal Award Winners included Moving Past Murder, as well as podcasts from HBO Max, Netflix, Pineapple Street Studio, and Pushkin Industries. 

Moving Past Murder’s host, Collier Landry, was just 11-years-old when his father, Dr. John F. Boyle Jr., brutally murdered his mother Noreen, and buried her body in their basement. Collier testified against his father in what would be called the “trial of the century” in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio.  

Each week, Landry discusses the repercussions of his mother’s murder, while also looking at similar true crime stories, speaking to other trauma survivors, and talking about what it takes to move past it all.

Bright Sighted Podcasting is a production and consulting house that crafts podcasts that showcase the resilience of humanity through the age-old art of storytelling. The founder of the company, Christine O’Donnell, is a 2x Emmy-Nominated Journalist with 15 years of combined experience in News Broadcasting and Podcasting. She began working directly on Moving Past Murder in February of 2022. 

“Collier and I got serious about collaborating together and crafting a powerful show for his audience,” O’Donnell said. “His personal story and resilience is unmatched. That, combined with his experience as a Director of Photography, Filmmaker, and his relentless drive for success, is a rarity. It has been an honor to know him personally and professionally. He’s built a great team and always grabs the brass ring in life. I’ve learned more in the seven months Collier and I worked together than I could have imagined.”

Landry shared the following regarding his experience with Bright Sighted. 

“Bright Sighted podcasting helped me grow my podcast in ways I could never have imagined. Their first step was to help me dial in a format that resonated immediately with my audience, which in turn laid the groundwork for explosive growth. The BS team helped me incorporate audience engagement into every episode, which allowed me to expand the podcast’s social media reach. The strategy that Bright Sighted implemented focused on organic growth to build both engagement and audience trust. That organic growth on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, helped drive my numbers up by almost 2000% in a matter of months. Simply incredible results,” Landry said. 

Also in Moving Past Murder’s Signal Award category were shows from Treefort Media (which took Gold), Lemonada Media, and Bell+ Ivy.

The Signal Awards is a celebration of “the world’s best Podcasts.” Judges announced winners of the inaugural honors on January, 5th. Winners included Moving Past Murder with Collier Landry, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Masters of Scale, Stacey Abrams: How To Harness Risk, Making Gay History, and The Official Hacks Podcast, as well as some of the world’s most influential, entertaining and informative voices. Those include Jon Stewart, Damon John, Eva Longoria, J.J. Abrams, Issa Rae, Jalen Rose, Laverne Cox, Reid Hoffman, Kara Swisher, and Trevor Noah.

“The Signal Awards were created to lift up and showcase the podcast industry’s diversity and depth, while also helping the community of listeners and fans find new shows and celebrate the existing ones they love,” Deondric Royster, the managing director of the Signal Awards, said. “We congratulate the winners on their success and also thank the podcast-listening public for enthusiastically engaging in the very first year of our awards.”

Winners will be honored at an awards party in New York on January 23.

Listen to Collier’s show:

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