" I just checked my stats and my downloads are double!"
- Jessica McKinley

Become a Bright Sighter and grow your podcast, brand and business today!

Hey you,

How are things going with your podcast? Is your show growing?  Did your plan to make money with sponsors fall through? Are you wondering how other podcasters are doing it? Are you exhausted, stressed and are you feeling like it may be time to just stop? 

I so feel you and I want you to know it’s going to be OK. You are about to grow your show and get the support you’ve been looking for. 

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m am Emmy-Nominated TV Journalist and Podcast Coach. In 2018, one of my first podcasts reached the top of 5% of podcasts worldwide after just five months. I’ve since helped dozens of people launch successful and impactful shows.

The Bright Sighted Podcasting Membership was born from a need to continue serving podcasters after they’ve launched their show – podcasters who’ve poured their heart, soul, time and energy into producing an impactful show, but stopped seeing growth. 

They are now.

What Members Get:

  • Monetization Strategies 
  • Double your Downloads
  • 20+ New Reviews
  • Real-time Support via Slack
  • Improved Show Rankings 
  • Find High-quality guests via Slack 
  • Be featured as a guest via Slack 
  • Monthly Virtual Events with Q&A (Themes include: SEO, Monetization, Events, Press, etc.)
  • Podcast Audits & Statistics Review
  • Community of Like-Minded Podcasters via Slack 
  • Work Sessions 

*The above is based on actual results from members of Bright Sighted’s program.  Results are not guaranteed. 

How It Works

Slack Community

Exclusive Calendar

Monthly Events

This is where we connect, collaborate and support each other. If you have questions about production, marketing, headlines, cold-opens, SEO, websites… you name it, we are here for you. 

We communicate here every single day. 

This is where you’ll get a constant idea of what is going on in the Bright Sighted Community as well as the podcasting industry to continue learning, growing and submitting your show to get nominated to awards on-time. 

Bright Sighters have exclusive access to “Game-Changer Events.” These are events actionable events where we discuss why and how to grow your show.  (Game-Changer events are free for members.) 

Each month there were also be workshops with experts and insiders as well as work sessions. There may be additional costs for these events. (Members will be given a discount). 



for Bright Sighter Membership
$ 40
  • Real-Time Support via Slack Community
  • Free "GAME CHANGER" Event & Replay
  • Discounted events, production packages and more.


for Bright Sighter Pro Membership
$ 90 Monthly
  • Real-Time Support via Slack Community
  • Free "GAME CHANGER" Event & Replay
  • 2 Additional "Expert Sessions" & Replays
  • Discounted production packages
  • Video Tutorial & Template Library

Interested in learning more about the Bright Sighted Membership. Book a 15 minute call with me and I’ll tell you all about it! I can’t wait to learn more about your show! – Christine