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Here ´´s a little bit about me

Christine O'Donnell

Christine is an Emmy-Nominated TV journalist and Podcast Coach who’s covered national and local news events. Some of the stories she’s covered on the front lines include the San Bernardino Terror Attacks, Boston Marathon Bombings, Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Christine is a mom, wife and advocate for women. She coaches solopreneurs and companies how to develop, launch and grow their own podcast to make an impact. She believes everyone has a story and thrives on helping people share theres in away that truly connects them to others.

After a decade of working as a TV news reporter in top markets and on the national stage — one of her social media posts was taken out of context by an internet blogger and she was fired. She took this loss very hard, but found her way back on her feet while working with a small and talented group of women at a marketing company. Days after the birth of her son, she started planning her podcasting business and hasn’t looked back since.

In 2018, one of her first podcasts reached the top of 5% of podcasts worldwide after just five months. She has since helped dozens of people launch successful and impactful podcasts that are making a positive difference in hundreds of people’s lives. She is the host of Podcast Coaching with Christine – a resource for growth, motivation and community for podcasters. Each week she interviews success podcasting insiders about their journey.

Today, Christine is not only a successful podcaster, but she’s also a wife, a mother, and an advocate for women––both personally and professionally. It’s her mission to help individuals establish themselves successfully, grow businesses that are profitable using podcasting, and raise their voices to get their vision out into the world to change lives.