Bright Sighted is a premiere podcast coaching and management company that offers video strategy. Start podcasting to grow your business today!

We help mission-driven business owners reach new audiences, build notoriety and make more money through podcasting.

Working with me, using my proven Bright Sighted “Podcast & Profit Method”, we transform the overwhelming, confusing and sometimes scary podcasting process into a simple, strategic, profitable part of your business that successfully gets your vision out into the world…changing lives.

RESULTS: Bright Sighted Podcast & Profit Method

  • Grown podcasts from 0% to Top 5% of podcasts worldwide in just 5 months.
    • 15,000 downloads/episode (after 30 days) in the first 5 months.
      • (If you’re here, you’re one of the top 5 % of podcast worldwide and can make real money.
  • 2 Million impressions in the first year.
  • 267% ROI. 
  • Improved SEO (Domain Authority, Time on Page, Click Through Rate) in days.
  • Community & Lead Generation growth.
  • Improvement in public & stakeholder opinion and relations

Data points: 

  • 51 %      The amount of American’s who say they’ve listened to a podcast. (Edison Research)
      • According to Edison Research, the number of American’s who listen to a podcast each week has grown 100% over the past four years, and 67 million American’s listen to a podcast every month.
  • 81%      – The avg consumption of podcasts, including The Dr. Gundry Podcast. (Apple Podcast)
      • In other words, podcast listeners are the most engaged audience & it’s trackable!
  • $700M – Podcast ad revenue surpassed this amount last year. (Wondery)  
  • # 1         –  Podcasts are the fastest-growing content platform. (BuzzSprout) 
      • There is also a lot of unexplored space in podcasting. As of 2018, there are close to 50 million YouTube channels, 440 million blogs, but just over 550,000 podcasts listed in Apple Podcasts. That means for every podcast there are 800 blogs and 90 YouTube channels. And an approximately 1000 to 1 ratio of blogs to podcasts.
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