6 Things to Have and Do While Podcasting

Before you hit “record” for your podcast, you should know what to have and do during your session! Read on for 6 essential tips.

A few essential tips and tricks can help you get the audio quality you’re looking for

Your initial audio may be staticky, you may struggle to curb background noises, and you may still be adjusting to your new podcast setup. But whether you’re just starting your podcast or you have a few episodes under your belt, a few essential tips and tricks can help you get the audio quality you’re looking for with less of the trial and error. Here’s what you should know.

Warm Up

This should technically happen before you sit down to record, but it’s such a crucial part of podcasting that it begged to be included. Just as singers warm up their vocal cords before a performance, you should do the same! Going into your session cold can lead to embarrassing stumbles or sticky throats, so make sure to say a few tongue twisters or read your notes aloud in advance.

Have Your Notebook Ready

Whether or not you’ve prepared notes or an outline for your podcast, it’s generally a good idea to have a notebook on hand and ready to go. You’d be surprised how many random thoughts crop up during your recording, and if you have a second to jot them down, it can keep you from struggling to remember the idea when listening to the audio later. 

Create a Noise Profile

At the start of your recording, pause for a few seconds to record the ambient sound in your room. Depending on the editing software you’ve chosen, can help during the editing process, as it can be used to remove any odd background noises that crop up.

Stay Out of the Red

Set up your audio levels in advance by giving yourself plenty of room to get louder. You’d be surprised how loud a laugh or passionate speech can get! Tweak your levels until you’re well out of the upper limits of the audio wave to avoid “clipping,” which is what happens when the recorder cuts off the top part of an audio wave.

Keep Quiet Where You can

Interjections like “yes” and “I see” are common in spoken conversation, but they shouldn’t appear on your podcast. These natural interjections can distract listeners, and they can even make it hard to hear certain parts of your podcast. Get into the habit of keeping them out of your verbal toolkit where you can. 

One other way to stay quiet? Stop moving around! A quality microphone picks up more than your voice, so the squeak of your chair or the movement of your jacket can be a distraction in the final recording.

Take Breaks

Break your show into logical segments and allocate a little time for a break. This is a perfect opportunity to check your audio for any issues. Beyond that, take a little time to get up and stretch, and don’t forget to hydrate to reduce any clicks and pops from a dry mouth. Breaks can also be a great time to plan the conversation or segment going forward.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a better podcast setup and audio recording, which in turn will amount to a better podcast overall! For more helpful tips to launch and grow your new podcast, check out what we offer!

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