5 Things To Do Before You Start Podcasting

To start podcasting you need a microphone, editing software and a computer. You don't need "bells & whistles," but they are nice.

1. Find your niche and then go more niche.

If you try to talk to EVERYONE, you talk to no one. Get hyper focused on what your podcast is going to be about. 

2. Create an Avatar aka “Your Ideal Listener”

Who do you want to speak to? Why do they want to listen to you? Are they a man or a woman? What do they do? How old are they? What do they like? What are their priorities and concerns? 

Spend 15 minutes answering these questions to figure out how to speak to your audience. 

3. Share a survey! 

Share a survey with your family, friends, email list, social media followers and/or members in a Facebook Group you belong too. Find out what they want to hear in your podcast. That will help you “find your niche” and perhaps narrow down who “Your Ideal Listener” is. 

Google Forms or Survey Monkey are two great tools to create and review your survey results 

4. Practice

Break the ice and record the “introduction episode” of your podcast. This should be 5-10 mins long recording of you explaining what your show’s about and why your ideal listener will want to listen/watch. 

Share it with your family and friends. 

If you’d like professional feedback, send me an email, I’ll listen to it and provide you with notes. First 5-Mins Free ( then it’s a $1 a minute). 

5. Prepare to learn as you go

If you’re like me, you want everything to be perfect before you execute your podcast. You want a perfect format, sound quality, intro, you want your audience to grow quickly because your product is so good…so you wait and you wait and think about everything you want to do, but then you NEVER execute. 

Here’s the thing about podcasting… you will learn more about how to make your podcast better through the podcasting process.

5+. Equipment, Editing, Bells & Whistles  

To start podcasting you need a microphone, editing software and a computer. You don’t need “bells & whistles,” but they are nice. If you’d like help creating a knock out intro with professional voiceover and music, Bright Sighted can help you out. Contact us to set up your FREE Consultation. 

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