4 Ways to Find Your Podcast Listeners When Instagram Just Isn’t Cutting It

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Is anyone else exhausted by trying to find their audience on Instagram?⁠

Gaining tons of organic reach is hard, especially since we’re fighting for our content to be seen by roughly a BILLION other users.⁠

Perhaps, your audience isn’t on the ‘gram.⁠ Instagram is one of the top social networks, but that doesn’t mean your audience is on it.

Here are 4 places to find your audience that are not Instagram:

  1. Facebook Groups: There are FB groups out there for almost anything. Pro Tip: Make sure you check their community guidelines before posting. You do not want to get kicked out of the group or waste your research efforts.

  1. Reddit: A great platform with many different active, engaged, and unfiltered communities. 

  1. Quora: This platform was made for asking and answering questions. A very valuable resource.

  1. Discord: This is a place where communities form based on similar likes and interests. Discord even calls itself, “a place to talk with friends.”

John and Dee Kei from LaunchPod Media told my listeners to try ALL THE PLATFORMS at first. Once you’ve gathered some data, analyze where you are getting the most engagement.⁠

If you’re interested in podcast growth tips, learn about “Guerilla Marketing” For Your Podcast with John Dinkel and Dee Kei Waddell.

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Celine Marie

Celine Marie

Celine is a content strategist, social media expert and coach. She is a regular writer for Bright Sighted Podcasting. Celine helps her clients transform their social media to a positive experience and a tool to scale their business.

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