3 Ways Podcasters Can Grow During Off-Seasons

Should you make your podcast seasonal or ongoing? The answer is… it depends. It depends on the content of your show and what works best for you. Here are some examples of seasonal podcast publishing schedules. 

  • Seasonal Publication Schedule – releasing one season, taking a break, then returning for another season.
  • Seasonal Presentation Approach –  Doing small miniseries with each focusing on a different topic.
  • Ongoing with Seasonal Production Schedule – Recording enough content so that you can keep uploading even when you are on hiatus.
Currently, the most sustainable model for new independent podcasters is the Seasonal Publication Schedule. (That way you can give yourself some time off.)

Marketing expert and CEO of Sprout Creative Kristina Kury recommends that you work with a seasonal production schedule. This type of content organization ensures your listeners remain engaged with your content and feel less compelled to find another podcast to follow. It also gives you a break and time to rejuvenate and renew your creativity for the next season.

  1. Replay episodes

Reposting or “replaying” episodes that have the most traction is a great way to gain more listeners. Just because you are on a break does not mean your show has to stop. Reposting your top episodes is a  way you can give your audience to listen to or re-listen to an episode they may have missed.  Usually these are episodes from the beginning of your season. 

Pro-Tip: Write (REPLAY) in the title, so the audience knows. 

       2. Repurpose Content with “BEST of Season” episodes 

Depending on your content, you might consider either combining episodes or breaking them apart into shorter clips. If you choose to combine them, you could make a longer segment. for example “BEST of the Season” This strategy works well for comedy shows or shows that tell a whole story when put together. If you choose to break episodes apart, you can post the shorter clips on various social media platforms such as IGTV and TikTok. That will keep your momentum going, ensuring your audience doesn’t fade away.

      3. Be A Guest

One of the best ways to grow your show, is by being an episode on other podcasts. So, your off-season is a great opportunity for you to pitch and land yourself some guest spots on podcasts that have similar or over-lapping audience as yours. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to pitch yourself to be on other podcasts, check out this episode of Podcast Coaching with Christine. 

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Bonus Tip: Plan your next season

Taking time off allows for the generation and creation of new ideas. You can use the time off to reflect on the aspects of your show that have worked well so far, and those that have not. You can also get into contact with guests you would like to have on your podcast. The more notoriety the guest has, the busier they probably will be, and the more scheduling that could be necessary. You can also do some research on the theme of your upcoming season without the stress of production deadlines. 

Taking time to relax and treat yourself is always encouraged, especially after completing a season. This time can be a great opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is also an opportunity to gain motivation and find inspiration for another season.

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Fisile Mabuza

Fisile Mabuza

Fisile Mabuza is a Creative Writing major at the College of Idaho and is currently working as an intern for Bright Sighted. She graduated with an international baccalaureate diploma at the United World College Southern Africa in 2017 where she focused on English language studies and humanities.

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