In this week’s episode of Podcast Coaching with ChristineFounder of The Newsworthy Podcast. A 10-minute daily news show that keeps news “fair, fast & fun.” She has MILLIONS of downloads and has found some creative ways to pivot after experiencing some COVID-19 related setbacks.

She has since SOLD out of podcast ad space and is looking for new creative ways to monetize her episodes.

She opens up about what she did wrong and what she did right –– so you can do it too!

Notable Time Codes:

04:08 – The ONE growth method that DID work for Erica’s show.

12:18 – How She Got Her First Deal

15:54 – if it’s what you want to do, make it a priority, and respond within 24 hours.

24:11 – Erica had no luck finding sponsors on her own, what she did next.

27: 51 – Erica’s Organizational Tools

30:05 – A Day in the life of Erica Mandy

34:23 – How to not get down by the overwhelm

40:00 – How Erica pivoted when she lost advertisers due to COVID-19 and rebooked her show.


Erica’s Game Plan: “I went into it knowing that I might not make any money for a year. That year was also my deadline to make my first dollar.” And, after that first year, I’d re-evaluate. “What really helped me was that I needed to not waste energy doubting myself.” – Erica Mandy

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Christine O'Donnell

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little bit about me. I'm a reporter, producer and promoter of all things female.

Bridging the gap between how men and women are treated in the world is something I'm passionate about.

I'm originally from Saratoga Springs, NY. I studied Journalism and Spanish at the University of Minnesota and rowed Division-1. In 2007, my crew of incredibly strong women and I won an NCAA Championship.

I love sharing stories, traveling and being active in the community.

My husband and I live near Manhattan Beach, CA with our two cats whom we are both obsessed with.

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