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This photo captured thanks to the help of gummy bears.        Note my left hand.



There’s no hiding it anymore, the bump is out and baby #2 is coming!

I’m 16 weeks this Friday and looking forward to meeting our little bub in August, a summer baby! Holy moly!


HOW WE FOUND OUT: We found out shortly after Thanksgiving that we were pregnant with baby #2! Yay!

HOW WE TOLD OUR FAMILIES: On Christmas morning, and with Santa’s help Asher shared the big news with our families in person and through FaceTime.




  • Time is flying! I can’t believe I’m already at 4 months. Having a toddler definitely changes things.
  • Telling people feels different, almost like they were “expecting it.”
  • We’re really hoping to potty train Asher before the next baby comes. Double diaper duty is something we’d like to avoid… 


  • My body’s definitely changing faster than last time. It’s kind of striking and I’ve got to give myself pep talks about my clothes not fitting already.
  • Still so tired!
  • Lots of nausea dot. dot. dot.


  • When we first told him I don’t think he quite understood… he was about 20 months-ish, so I guess that makes sense. Or, maybe he was just pretending…
  • Last night we had a funny conversation about a baby being in my belly and then he started talking to my belly, which was pretty funny.
  • In the pictures below it looks like he truly isn’t thrilled with the idea of being a “Big Brother,” but… he’s got a few months to changes his mind. lol




We’re still learning a ton about being parents to our son Asher and we’re super excited to be expanding our family. If you have any advice or thoughts to share with us, please send them our way.

And… if you’d like to watch Steve and I share the news… Check out this video:




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