After 19 weeks of waiting, guessing and family predictions, we now know the gender of Baby Kuzj!

It’s a girl!

We’re excited to dive into the adventurous world of parenting, and let’s be real — slightly nervous.

There’s something about knowing what we’re having that makes pregnancy more real!

My husband had to take a few minutes after our “powder explosion” to let it sink that he is going to be a dad to a little girl. He literally said, “I can feel my heart becoming weaker,” and is trying to figure out if he’ll ever be able to tell her “no.”

He will.  I’ll help him. 🙂

I kind of had this feeling deep in my heart that it was going to be a girl, so when the powder explosion happened I wasn’t thaaat surprised.  I was kind of frightened by the “bang” though.  (It’s louder than you think!)

Planning the Big, Explosive Reveal

Girls rock!  We’ve already started calling her “little badass.”

Now that parenthood feels more real… let’s talk about the reveal.

We thought a “powder explosion” would be a fun and exciting way to find out…also, I thought it would make for pretty pictures. We used “Poof There It Is Reveals,” and they were awesome and super careful about keeping the gender a secret from me.

Only our doctors and our friend Amy knew. She helped me with all the orders for the reveal.

We had decided months ago (before we knew we were pregnant) to have Thanksgiving in Florida with Steve’s parents.  They had recently retired and got a place there. But it was really important for me to share the reveal with my family and friends at roughly the same time.

So, while we had powder bombs shipped to Florida, Amy and I made arrangements for cakes and cupcakes to be delivered to my dad’s Thanksgiving in upstate New York, my mom’s Thanksgiving in Florida, and my best friend’s Thanksgiving in upstate New York.

That way we all would be able to share in the surprise through the help of FaceTime during our Thanksgiving process, which can be difficult when you calculate four different dinner schedules, grandma’s bedtime and the weather. Here’s what we went with.

It was wonderful and exhausting, and there were a lot of tears!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for the people in my life and the new life growing inside me.

Thanks for reading! If you’re struggling with figuring out how to do a “Long Distance” gender reveal while still enjoying the moment yourself — I feel ya! I was nervous about everything, but it went better than I expected.

I hope this helps you or at least makes you smile!

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